10 Best Sport Sedans For 2022

Fast and sleek sedans with a sporty design are becoming an important part of every auto enthusiast's life. Gone are the days when people needed to be seen only in their family sedans; now, they can drive something that indicates their true driving style.

This is good news for car lovers as it has led to more opportunities to test out new models going into the future. As inventors and manufacturers continue producing cars with better technology, it is becoming more and more difficult for them not to make it onto a list of best sport sedans for 2022.

Sport sedans are primarily designed with luxury and performance in mind. These vehicles now account for a significant portion of the auto market, but they were not always the mainstay.

This article will show you which sport sedans you should be watching for, what they offer, and why they’re worth considering if you are in the market for a new sedan in 2022.

BMW 3 Series And M3

BMW 3 Series And M3

BMW has just the car for you if you are a sport sedan lover. The third-generation 3 Series debuted not far ago and was again a strong seller as one of the best sport sedans in the luxury segment. The M3 is even more impressive, with an astounding 473 horsepower on tap thanks to its 3.0-liter turbocharged engine.

There are three trim levels available: Sport, Luxury, and M Sport. All versions boast efficiency ratings of at least 24mpg combined (up from 20) and top out at 33mpg highway, which is excellent for a performance vehicle.

Both the 3 Series and M3 are highly competent sports sedans with a responsive and balanced ride, the 3 Series having a more comfortable ride, but the M3 is a blast to drive.

The current lineup for both cars consists of a variety of different engine choices, including:

  • Three-liter turbocharged inline-six (B48) producing at least 343 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque.
  • Five-liter V-8 (B58) producing at least 400 horsepower and 402 lb-ft of torque. This version is only available with rear-wheel drive. A manual transmission is standard on this engine.

The 2019 M5 also has this engine. So, the BMW 3 Series is one of the best sport sedans on today's market.

Cadillac CT4

Cadillac CT4

If you need a passionate car, it has to be good, and the price should be right. This is exactly what the Cadillac CT4 is. I have always liked what Cadillac has offered in the past, and this particular model is sure to please. It's comfortable, can serve 4 people comfortably with its legs folded up, and has power and reliability when you need it most.

The price range of this car allows a wide variety of drivers to access it easily, so there isn't any downside here except for one, which would be your own personal opinion on how much you think an automobile should cost. Nevertheless, this car has the best of the best.

The Cadillac CT4 is a sports sedan that offers a fuel-efficient and powerful engine. Everything about this vehicle is perfect. The interior is beautifully laid out, with all kinds of convenience features you will never be able to use but still get a warm feeling when you drive it.

Even without any safety features, your passengers will be safe in this car, as Cadillac offers numerous safety features that prevent frontal collisions and other accidents. You can easily switch between driving modes for these types of situations, so everyone in the car feels comfortable or just relax and enjoy the ride.

The Cadillac CT4 comes in 3 different packages that all offer the same basic car, though with different options that appeal to everyone. The 2.0L package is available with a four-cylinder engine and 237 hp that can kickstart your driving experience. In addition, this engine delivers a 310-hp with turbo option.

The 2.7L four-cylinder with a 325-hp version is also available for purchasing. It comes with a turbocharged engine that gives it an enjoyable power kick that will allow you to fly through traffic and get everywhere safely. 

This line's last engine is a CT4-V Blackwing that delivers a 472-hp twin-turbo V6 and allows you to go as fast as you want in any condition.

Alfa Romeo Giulia

Alfa Romeo Giulia

Is it time to purchase a new car? Have you been on the hunt for a sport sedan with all of its modern amenities and power? Are quad-turbocharged engines your thing? The Alfa Romeo Giulia is the vehicle for you!

The Giulia is a beautiful sedan with a sleek and airy design. Its dimensions are nearly identical to that of the BMW 5 Series. For example, the Giulia is 3.2 inches longer than the BMW 5 Series rear-wheel-drive model. It is 2.6 inches longer than the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider, 0.3 inches longer than the Mercedes C-class coupe, and 1 inch shorter than the 5 Series Sport Wagon. With these dimensions in mind, it should be no surprise that this sedan has plenty of trunk space, which can be expanded further by folding down its 60/40 split rear seats.

There is a little bit of everything in the Giulia when it comes to performance. For starters, there is the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. This four-cylinder engine is paired with the all-new eight-speed transmission, which has a sport mode that can be activated by using the paddle shifters on each transmission gear selector gate. This turbo turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder makes 280 horsepower. It makes Alfa Romeo Giulia one of the most powerful sport sedans on the market.

Dodge Charger

Dodge Charger

The Dodge Charger is a beast of an automobile. It's been on the market for about 50 years, but it has only gotten better with modern engineering and design. Originally designed as a muscle car, the Charger delivers power in spades and handles incredibly well for its size. The V6 delivers speedy acceleration and mpg in the mid-20s, while the V8 has big power and gas mileage in the low 20s.

If you're looking for a sporty four-door sedan that offers great value with performance to match, then look no further than Dodge Charger. The looks, performance, and features are hard to beat.

There are a few options that come with the Charger. The base model comes with cloth seats, a letdown compared to leather or Alcantara. It also has a touchscreen infotainment system, but it's not the best one on the market. 

The Dodge Charger comes with a variety of engines, especially V8s. You can choose 370-hp R/T, 485-hp Scat Pack, 707-hp Hellcat, and 797-hp Hellcat Redeye.

So, if you want a sporty sedan, go with the Charger. It has plenty of room to accommodate five people as well as luggage without feeling too cramped inside. It's very comfortable on the road and has enough power and speed. This car still offers more than enough to make sure that there's no way that you won't be happy with your next purchase.

Porsche Panamera

Porsche Panamera

Introducing the Porsche Panamera, a sport sedan that is one of the most technologically advanced vehicles on the road. The company has used its innovative engineering skills to create a car for folks who want every piece of their lifestyle to be going smoothly. Although it's not perfect, you should check out this incredible vehicle for yourself.

It may seem overwhelming at first with its different models and colors, but you'll soon find how easy it is to navigate through them all, thanks to intuitive menus and an online location settings system. That makes the Porsche Panamera an easier maneuverable car, even if it does use digital controls.

The Porsche Panamera does well on the road, but it's also very comfortable. It has a variety of driving modes available. These include the Eco mode for those who care about the environment, the Sport mode for a little extra zip, and an Individual mode that allows you to customize your ride to your specific needs. In addition to giving you a smoother ride, this car is also easy on your wallet, thanks to its digital control panel.

Moreover, this vehicle comes with a plug-in option. Nevertheless, there are also old-school engines, like the twin-turbo V6 model with 325 hp, which still gets it to 60 mph in a brisk 5.3 seconds. The V8 models provide the most aural excitement, and you should try them.

The interior of this car is nothing short of luxurious. It has all kinds of extras that make it comfortable and convenient to drive with tons of storage space both in the back and up front. There's no question that the Porsche Panamera has plenty of elegant styles, but there's more to this luxury vehicle than meets the eye. You need to consider all its features and then decide if it's right for you.

Genesis G70

Genesis G70

If you're in the market for a sport sedan, and you don't want to break the bank, Genesis's G70 is a great option.

The G70 has an excellent bang for your buck, with either a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder making 252 hp or a powerful twin-turbo 3.3-liter V6 making 365 hp! Thanks to its brilliant chassis and easy, user-friendly infotainment system, we found that it handles great.

It also comes loaded with safety features, including HID headlights, pre-collision warning with autonomous emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, and lane departure warning systems.

What we liked most was its interior. The leather seats are comfortable, and the unique digital display puts all the information in front of you. We also like the center touch-screen, which is easy to use. The G70 also comes with a great warranty covering almost all the functions.

The G70 is a nice alternative to the BMW 3 Series, Audi A4, and M3, which cost more money. We also like its styling with its blacked-out grille, large wheels, and trunk lid spoiler.

Genesis has really succeeded in creating a luxury sport sedan that you can get at a lower price point, and they have done it very well. What we'd like to see changed are better fuel economy and more color options.

Honda Civic Si

Honda Civic Si

It's no secret that Honda has one of the most reliable, customizable, and fuel-efficient cars on the market. The Honda Civic Si is perfect for those who want to put their foot down on the gas pedal and look forward to never needing a refuel.

The Si comes with an affordable price, excellent fuel economy, spacious interior, convenient features, and a standard transmission. It also boasts a turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine made 205 horsepower. If you are looking for a new car that will turn heads and make your friends jealous, this vehicle is for you!

This versatile, sporty, and powerful vehicle comes with an affordable price, excellent fuel economy, spacious interior, loads of convenience features, and a standard manual transmission. Since it is a Si model, it also boasts a turbocharged engine made 241 lb·ft of torque.

This vehicle has a sporty and aggressive exterior, making it a great choice for those looking for a car that turns heads. The engine is super efficient, saving you money on gas. This Honda is incredibly fun to drive because it is fast and responsive.

The Civic Si comes equipped with some cool tech features, making it ideal for those who need something to give them peace of mind while driving, such as the Blind Spot Information System. Overall, this vehicle hits home in all the important areas to drivers. If you are looking for an affordable, fun, and fuel-efficient new car, then the Honda Civic Si is perfect for you!

Kia Stinger

Kia Stinger

The Kia Stinger is the premier car and sport sedan of 2022. The base model gets a turbocharged four-cylinder engine, but it's a larger 2.5-liter unit making 300 hp. The twin-turbo V6 is basically the same, but it makes 368 hp.

All models come with all-wheel drive and 8-speed automatic transmission. The Stinger might be missing some of the modern design elements that are popular in other sedans. However, Kia created something fresh and appealing that doesn't drive daily needs away while still providing something unique among its peers in this segment.

The Stinger's twin-turbo V6 with 376 HP and 376 lb-ft of torque really is a rocket from 0-60 mph. You can't mess around with this sedan when you step on the gas. It just gets up and goes. There are few cars that can keep up with it on the track. The engine pulls strongly to redline, making this engine fantastic for weekend joyrides or track days. In terms of power, it doesn't get much more responsive than this car offers.

My favorite thing about the Stinger is Kia's design inspiration from European F1 racers. The grille looks aggressive and purposeful, like something from an exotic car. The headlights have a very strong slant to them that gives this sedan a great presence on the road. This car looks classy and elegant, yet powerful as well.

It's really hard to tell by looking at the outside, but this Korean car has one of the most comfortable interiors in its class. You can get leather seats for $500, which look and feel fantastic on long trips. The cloth seats are comfortable, although they do wear out faster than leather seats do. Overall, this sport sedan is a great choice if you're looking for something special that wouldn't break the bank.

Porsche Taycan

Porsche Taycan

The Porsche Taycan is Porsche’s first production electric vehicle, a vehicle that will compete with the Tesla Model S, Mercedes-Benz EQC, and Audi e-Tron. Audi is also among the companies gearing to introduce a long-range all-electric vehicle. Porsche announced Taycan pricing: the base version will start at $85,000 (€74,000), with the Turbo S starting at $150,000 (€135,000).

The Taycan is not just an electric car but also a performance car. It will perform just as well as any other Porsche with two motors and an all-wheel drive. Built with carbon fiber chassis and hardware that have been engineered by spending 10 more years than any of its competitors on new materials development and testing. It will be built in Zuffenhausen, Germany.

The Taycan is the first Porsche with a specific name after the famous race car and sports car nameplates from the past. It has a drag coefficient of .32 in coupé and .37 in sedan, far better than the everyday family car Audi Q7 at .45-0.47. The vehicle comes with a 9.0 kWh battery pack, which gives it an estimated range of 310 kilometers (193 miles).

The performance units are powered by rear-mounted electric motors that give torque as soon as you twist your steering wheel and deliver it to all four wheels through an all-wheel drive system using two motors driving each axle individually. The torque is transmitted via a six-speed dual-clutch gearbox. The concept also uses two motors in front that can both deliver 60 kW (82 hp) of power when needed, and each motor will provide 221 Nm of torque.

Porsche Taycan is a fast car too, but because it’s electric and uses two motors, it feels even faster than the Turbo S version. The silence on the road is wonderful too, and you hardly hear any noise at all, another step up from the 911 GT3 RS 4.0’s glorious sound.

Subaru WRX

Subaru WRX

The Subaru WRX is a four-door sports sedan that competes with other high-performance cars such as the Audi S4, BMW M4, Lexus GS350, and Mazda6. It's light and nimble to get around the city with ample power for those who love taking risks on the open road. The turbocharged 2.0-liter flat-four engine has 268 horsepower while being paired with a six-speed manual transmission.

This car gives any driver an adrenaline rush when taking fast corners on elevated levels of speed or driving in traffic where you can't get away from it. Still, it also has enough comfort to be taken seriously by any professional driver who wants a piece of their own turf. It's great at nipping through corners, braking, and handling curves. The turbo engine gives it a little extra tick in the performance department.

While it's probably not the best car around against a podium contender like the BMW M4 or Mazda6, it's a lot of fun to drive because you're always aiming at something else. It doesn't let you down when it comes to everyday driving, which makes it perfect for family sedans instead of a sports car like the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro.

The exterior of the Subaru WRX is something you can get away with if you really want to stand out. The turbo engine will do a lot of the work while you're taking corners, letting off hard and braking, or accelerating on twisty roads. The body will flex from that but not to an extreme point where it looks like it's going to rip apart from being hit. It's also fast and agile when racing around in traffic or nipping through corners at elevated speed levels. It has a more aggressive look, which you have to expect from cars in this class.

While it's not the most comfortable car to drive, the Subaru WRX has enough comfort features to make you feel like you're in a luxury vehicle. The steering wheel sits in a perfect spot, it has all of the right buttons and things right where they should be, and the seats comfortably support drivers of every height. The seats also fold down to make room for more luggage space while still offering access to everything you need within easy reach. If this sort of vehicle is what you're looking for, then this is one of your best choices.

The Bottom Line

The year 2022 is here, and now we have a top ten list of the best sport sedans out there for the upcoming year. These top ten sport sedans will be great to drive around while providing all the power, support, and comfort that your car could need.

Because where you go, you're going to want these cars in order to get out of any jam or make you feel like you're driving a star on a red carpet! So if you are looking for a new car for yourself or someone on your Christmas list, look above and find something good with this list.

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