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Since the start of our business in 2002, we have seen many dealerships close their doors due to various reasons. We have outlasted them all because the core values of our company are defined around the happiness of our customers, rather than us. Providing exceptional customer service, various financing options, and a streamlined car buying process, our customers choose to come back to us, car after car. Come and visit us today to experience a truly unique car buying process and understand why our customers love us as much as they do. Shop the rest, buy from the best; Rolls Auto Sales has got you covered. 


Experience the car shopping process as it was meant to be at Rolls Auto Sales. Whether you’re looking for your dream car or looking to get financed with bad credit, you can count on us to make sure you have the best possible used car buying experience. As one of the best used car dealerships in Philadelphia, we’ve got the formula down to make sure you’re driving away with a smile from ear to ear. 

First, our competitive pricing ensures that you are getting a good deal on your vehicle from us. Second, we negotiate on your behalf; our established relationships with banks and lenders help us get the best possible interest rates for you, whether you have good credit, bad credit, or no credit. Third, our entire inventory is fully serviced and inspected before ever being offered for sale. And finally, our customer service is second to none. Just read our reviews! With 18 years in the business, you can rest assured you won’t find an easier shopping experience anywhere else!

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With our large and dynamic inventory, we have a car for every budget and every credit. You can browse our inventory and view pictures and videos of every single car. Scheduling a test drive is easy, and you can also Apply for Financing and get pre-approved before even coming in! 

There’s also one more thing that comes with every used car purchased at Rolls Auto: peace of mind. Whether you are just driving off the lot or you’ve had your car for years, just know Rolls Auto will be here for you, mile after mile. After all, we’ve been here since 2002!

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Used Car Dealer in Philadelphia, PA

At Rolls Auto Sales, we do our best to help you obtain the necessary financing, make you able to buy that used car of your dreams, and take it home. Bad credit or no credit at all - no problem. Don’t worry and be confident - we’ll work out the solution. 

Let's get clear what exactly the “bad credit” situation means. There could be different reasons why a particular credit situation may be considered “poor” or “bad.”

First component is your credit history. There might have been problems making loan payments in the past no matter what caused them. Also there could be no payment history at all if this is your first attempt to obtain loan financing. As a result your credit score will be low. Credit history is important but not the most influential to a lender’s decision. There’s always a question how exactly a poor credit rating was developed:

  • due to objective reasons such as temporary economic hardship, losing employment
  • or because of a silly and frivolous attitude towards repaying obligations.

The second is your income. It must be high and stable enough to ensure your ability to meet loan payments. If sustainable cash flow isn’t there, even a good credit history won’t help. 

The third is supplemental equity you’re ready to bring to the table. It could be some cash amount for a down payment, trade-in car, or co-signer ready to step in and become a second borrower for your loan. Sometimes when, let’s say, your credit history isn’t perfect (or none) and you’re just got hired for a new job, the equity issue will be decisive for a lender in approving or rejecting a car loan application.

How can I get financed for a used car with bad credit? (Step 1, Step 2. Step N)

  1. Gather up your proof of income
    • Paystubs for at least 6 months
    • Social security or pension stubs
    • War letter
    • Bank statement showing cash inflows and outflows (f. ex. if you’re self-employed or running a small business).
  2. Present proof of identity and residence
    • In-state up-to-date Driver’s license
    • Utility bills with your actual residential address
    • Lease agreement if you rent.
  3. Prepare to discuss an initial investment - either trade-in vehicle or down payment. Sometimes banks require a mandatory down payment as a prerequisite to the loan approval. Besides, with a down payment a lender usually offers lower interest rates.
  4. Choose and test-drive the exact vehicle you want to buy and try to work out a loan approval option with the dealer for that car. 
  5. Fill out the credit application.

How Rolls Auto Sales can help

We’ve got different finance options from several lender sources. Sure, we’ll find one that fits best into your particular credit situation.

If your credit application is turned down by outside lenders there’s the option to get financed right here at Rolls Auto. 

  • A down payment of at least 10% or $1,000 will be obligatory in order to obtain a loan. Keep in mind that upsizing down payment improves your bottom line by cutting down monthly installments and fixing your credit history.
If you’re short on cash to meet down payment requirements, there’s always the possibility of trading in your old vehicle for a down payment. Use the online tool to value your trade-in vehicle, bring it to the dealership, and we’ll make you an offer. You may then apply the trade-in amount towards a down payment on the used car of your choice.

Be attentive to car options a dealer may offer you in case your choice vehicle loan application is turned down by a bank. A dealer may still provide you workable solutions based on your credit situation, even if it's not the car you initially wanted.

Send A Credit Application Online

You may apply for financing at RollsAutoSales by filling out the credit application online. Make sure to provide all necessary details required. All the information provided must be verifiable with your proof of income and residence. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us directly.

Frequently Asked Questions about used car bad credit financing

Yes, you can buy a used vehicle of your choice and take it home today with a credit score of 500. The credit score range of 500-550 is considered subprime. That means you haven’t met financial obligations particularly well in the past. Prove to the lender that you have a stable job or another source of income making you able to pay back the loan installments. Your monthly income should overlap the monthly payment by at least 3 times. Also, you will need to make a down payment of at least 10-15% of loan value.

Rolls Auto Sales is the best used car dealerships with bad credit financing in Philadelphia, PA. We have very flexible financing options and helpful staff with 18 years of experience in bad credit used car financing. We’ll find a financing solution that fits exactly into your individual situation and set you driving the car of your dreams home today.

Put more money down. That always helps to ease the situation. Offer us a 40-45% down payment, and we’ll surely strike out the deal.

Yes, you can buy a used vehicle of your choice and take it home today with a credit score of 450. The credit score range of 450-500 is very low. That means you haven’t met financial obligations particularly well in the past. Prove to the lender that you have a stable job or another source of income making you able to pay back the loan installments. Your monthly income should overlap the monthly payment by at least 4 times. Also, you will need to make a down payment of at least 25-30% of the loan value.

There is virtually no limit on how low a credit score can get. Let say the credit score of 350-400 still leaves a financing door open. If you have a sufficient, stable, and reliable source of income and a hefty 45-50% down payment - that will do the job.

Gather up proof of income and residence. Come over to Rolls Auto Sales, choose and test-drive the car you want to buy. Fill out the credit application online. If you start doing that in the morning, we’ll try to make you a financing offer on the spot the same day.

Yes, Rolls Auto Sales finances used car sales for clients going through bankruptcy. There is an approval process that usually could take anywhere from a few weeks to 2-3 months depending on how busy courts are and how promptly a legal pipeline will process your motion.

  1. Get the term sheet from your lawyer
  2. Rolls Auto Sales will offer you loan terms in writing
  3. Terms must be approved by a trustee
  4. Your lawyer will file a motion to the court
  5. Court finally makes a decision and approves the car loan.

We hope that this information was useful for you and the car you buy will be a perfect match for your requirements.

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