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Nissan ranks among the leaders in the U.S. market in popularity and customer confidence. These cars have gained recognition among both owners and people who are far from the world of personal transportation. To understand why this brand has gained such popularity, as well as choose the right model of Nissan for yourself, read the article.

If the car will be used not only for the city but also for trips to the countryside, trips to the cottage, occasionally - to transport large objects, we advise you to consider crossovers. They provide a convenient opportunity to transform the interior, which will help to place bulky cargo in the body. Thanks to the same increased ground clearance and electronic assistance systems, these cars will overcome road obstacles and confidently drive on snow and mud. Consumption at the same time remains acceptable, which makes the possibility of buying a crossover attractive to many Americans.

Nissan SUVs are a separate story. These are large and heavy vehicles with high, by the standards of drivers of passenger cars, fuel consumption. But it is a fair price for comfort, driving safety, as well as the richest technical equipment. Nissan has managed to make its SUVs convenient not only for travel on the highways but also for travel on the streets of cities. These cars are titans, which reveal the best features of the brand: reliability, power, safety.

Currently, best used Nissan has quite a wide range of vehicles. For a while, the company pursued a bold strategy, offering only "niche" vehicles such as the Qashqai and Juke crossovers, a decision that proved extremely popular. But the Nissan Juke / Qashqai pairing's outstanding styling isn't to everyone's liking. Definitely, Nissan best used cars to buy.

Nissan Altima

Nissan Altima

On April 4, 2012, the next-generation Nissan Altima sedan premiered in New York City. This mid-size car will continue to compete with the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord for buyers in the North American market. It is not possible to win the buyer only with an attractive design - it is necessary to be in something better or unique. And Nissan has tried to endow the Altima with a considerable amount of interesting options and worthy parameters.

On the assurances of developers, Nissan Altima 5-generation with 2.5-liter QR25 engine (184 hp, 244 Nm) will show the lowest fuel consumption on the highway in its segment - 38 miles per gallon (6.2 liters per 60 miles). By comparison, the new Camry has 35 miles per gallon (6.7 liters per 60 miles). The Altima's second powerplant will be a 3.5-liter V6 VQ35DE, its characteristics are the same - 273 hp, 350 Nm.

Low fuel consumption helps provide efficient transmission - a new-generation Xtronic CVT variator. This unit was updated by 70%, and friction losses were reduced by 40%. The developers tried to approach the premium class in the cabin - the seats with "zero gravity" are installed (they reduce the load on the spine and muscles, improve blood circulation), the instrument panel has an advanced display Drive-Assist, the top versions are available multimedia system BOSE.

Among the electronics, it is worth noting the following systems: blind spot detection, lane control, the detection of moving objects, tire pressure control, Bluetooth (not only talking on the phone but also the transfer of audio).

Nissan Maxima

Nissan Maxima

The Nissan Maxima is one of the most popular cars on the American market. Since 2015, the car has been significantly updated, it has received a unique body shape and updated dynamic and driving characteristics. The current model has acquired sports features thanks to high-quality aerodynamics and a bright appearance, which is confirmed by a powerful engine under the hood. The model has a memorable design, the first thing that catches the eye is a V-shaped grille, which has a chrome insertion, the front optics has an unusual shape, which is based on halogen technology.

The upper part of the optics is divided into two components, which capture the side of the front fender and the hood, daytime lights are built into the optics. Nissan Maxima is a decent-sized trunk of almost 450 liters and a large gas tank with a capacity of 69 liters. Such parameters make this car very convenient for long trips. Owners of Nissan Maxima note several other advantages that favorably distinguish best used Nissan cars among analogs, these are:

  • Good dynamic performance: top speed up to 110 mph, acceleration time to 60 mph in 14 seconds, acceptable consumption in suburban and urban mode, up to 9 liters per 60 miles. Optimal for urban driving conditions.
  • Compact dimensions 4770x1770x1415 mm, but quite a spacious interior. The curb weight is 2,800 pounds, and the GVW is up to 4,500 pounds.
  • Powerful six-cylinder V-shaped gasoline engine with 4 valves per cylinder and 140 horsepower at 6400 pm.
  • Travel comfort, even on bad roads and rough terrain, thanks to the McPherson front suspension and twist-beam trailing arm rear suspension.

This car can give you the comfort and reliability of the old school of automotive engineering, Japanese thoughtfulness, and unique style. It can become your friend and assistant for many years, winding up hundreds of thousands and replacing decades of faithful service. Because this is Maxima A32.

Nissan Armada

Nissan Armada

SUV made its debut in 2003. Initially, the model was called Pathfinder Armada, which was eventually shortened to Nissan Armada. Production of the car started at a plant in the U.S. in 2004.

The design of the Nissan Armada is made in techno style - faceted, almost chopped flat forms of sides, relief hood as if worn off from two sides front end create the aggressive look, even for the U.S. impressive dimensions. The front end is almost completely unified with the pickup. And the curved line of the roof, according to the designers' idea, was to "lighten" the car visually.

The length of the Nissan Armada is 5.25 meters (with a height and width of about two meters), the wheelbase of the off-road vehicle is an impressive 3.13 m, and ground clearance - 24.9 cm. In terms of size, it is larger than such recognized giants of the car world as the Chevrolet Tahoe and Ford Expedition, and those cars that are larger than the Nissan Armada can be counted on the fingers.

The Nissan Armada's specifications are represented by a powerful 5.6-liter engine with 317 horsepower, which works in tandem with a five-speed automatic transmission. Nissan Armada has a choice of transmission scheme. The base version has rear-wheel drive, while all-wheel drive transmission is available as an option. Both versions provide comfortable driving of the Armada even in full off-road conditions. It should be noted that the 4-mode four-wheel drive transmission with de multiplier was specifically designed for this car.

The Nissan Armada's interior impresses with its size. The car can comfortably accommodate 7 adults, and the legroom in the second row is considered the best in its class. Thought-out arrangement of the seats of the second row does not interfere when boarding on the back seats. The luggage compartment deserves special attention. In the usual state, it is 566 liters. If to remove armchairs only last row, its volume will increase up to 1606 liters, if two rows - up to impressive 2750 liters.

The basic equipment of Nissan Armada includes a full electric package with cruise control, leather interior, separate climate control and additional air conditioner for rear passengers, Bose audio system with 265 Watt power. Additional equipment is installed at the customer's request.

In the light of the latest tendencies on the North American market, Nissan Armada's front and rear suspensions are completely independent. The developers abandoned the load-bearing body for economic reasons, among others, so Nissan Armada is equipped with a slightly modified steel frame with a completely closed profile. The body of the SUV was significantly reinforced against the torsion and bending, which improved the vehicle's handling characteristics, as well as passive safety.

Nissan Quest

Nissan Quest

The Nissan Quest is another Japanese company's attempt to grab a piece of the American minivan pie. And if the first generations got at least some response from buyers, the last fourth generation was a real failure. Why this happened is hard to say. The Nissan Quest has excellent specifications. It is a reliable, large, and comfortable minivan.

Perhaps the problem lies in the fact that the automaker did not offer a choice in terms of units: the model in the last generation was available only with one 3.5-liter atmospheric engine paired with a variator, which is so disliked by Americans.

Nevertheless, as a minivan, this model is very good. The car with little damage and in a rich package is sold at auctions for $4,000 to $8,500, depending on its age. Thus, this minivan would make an excellent alternative to almost the entire lineup of minivans discussed in this piece, at an average price of $8,000 to $10,000.

Nissan Rogue

Nissan Rogue

The Nissan Rogue is a five-door compact-class crossover made an SUV body. The model premiered in 2007. To date, on the secondary car market, there are two generations of premium TC. The car is characterized by excellent dynamic properties, handling, agility, a high level of safety, and a presentable appearance. Due to these qualities, the popularity of the car increases every year among American motorists.

In total, the Nissan Rogue has three configurations - S, SV, and SL, and they do not depend on the type of drive - any of them can be either with the front or all-wheel drive. The "poorest" S has a cloth interior, halogen dipped beam, no seat heating, 17-inch steel disks, and usual air conditioner. But there is a full electric package, multitool, media system with a screen, hands-free system and even voice control. There are also tire pressure sensors and a rearview camera - this equipment is mandatory for all cars in the US.

The average SV already has heated seats, climate control, turn signal repeaters in the mirrors, roof rails, and a start button. The coolest - leather interior (very often light), 18-inch alloy wheels, 360-degree all-around visibility, Bose audio system with a subwoofer, and more.

The Nissan Rogue t32 has its pros and cons. The most in-demand parts, which are characterized by rapid wear and tear:

  • technical fluids and antifreeze;
  • engine oil;
  • brake discs;
  • pads;
  • filters;
  • chassis parts;
  • radiators.

The strengths of the Nissan Rogue are Japanese reliability and driver safety. The owners of this brand note the good speed, excellent cross-country ability, and low gasoline consumption. But still, sometimes it is necessary to repair and replace parts, which failures are extremely rare: radiators, suspension parts, optics, body parts.

The Rogue is comfortable not only for the driver - everyone else in the cabin does not complain either. Rear passengers sit higher than the front ones and can see the road. They have their air deflectors. There is enough space both for the legs and above the head. They have (in the richest configurations) heated seats, panoramic roof, and backrest tilt adjustment is available even in the simplest configurations. Very rarely, but there are 7-seater modifications.

The Nissan Rogue's trunk is huge - its maximum capacity is 1113 liters, and also has an interesting transformation system. There are two shelves at the bottom, which can cover the wheel or be located a little higher - then the folded rear seats will be flush with the floor. One shelf can be placed on the top rails - then it will cover almost the entire trunk.

From the point of view of Nissan Rogue users, it is a solid, reliable, and very comfortable car. Yes, it does not possess filigree controllability and is a little bit wobbly in turns. But in a straight line, it accelerates to the first hundred in little more than 10 seconds and copes very well practiced with any features of the USA roads.

Nissan Murano

Nissan Murano

Nissan Murano of the first generation appeared in 2002 on the American market. It was brought to us by the efforts of gray dealers, who made good money on new crossovers. The crossover is built based on Nissan Teana of the second generation, so it has excellent running properties. True, the owners of the first cars were bothered by unpleasant knocks and noises in the suspension. The cause was in low-quality struts and bushings of stabilizer bar, which design was improved later, and the problem was eliminated. But annoyed weak hub bearings, which go together with a hub (from 350 dollars). The front levers ($200) were replaced as an assembly due to wear on their silent blocks.

You will hardly see corrosion on the body of a used Nissan Murano, except for cases when the car was badly restored after an accident. But the chrome parts of the body give up rather quickly, the headlights and lights sweat with age. The windshield is not durable either. By the way, the native one is not available, so it is better to take a quality non-original.

The electric equipment is not distinguished by the excessive wear resistance. Though malfunctions and glitches in climate control, central lock and multimedia system occasionally occur. With age, the problems may be aggravated because of the trivial corrosion of contacts and wiring connectors. Glitches in the work of attachments and onboard computers happen.

Over the years of operation, the Nissan Murano has proven itself as a reliable and practical car, which does not often give trouble to its owners. Another advantage of this model is the low cost on the secondary market (an average of 8-10 thousand USD), but finding a decent copy is a challenge not easy for this money. Buying this car, you should consider the high cost of maintenance and original spare parts, as well as high fuel consumption - up to 17 liters per hundred.

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What is the best used Nissan to buy?

Top 6 best used Nissan to buy:

  1. Nissan Altima.
  2. Nissan Maxima.
  3. Nissan Armada.
  4. Nissan Quest.
  5. Nissan Rogue.
  6. Nissan Murano.

Best used Nissan sedan

Top 3 best used Nissan sedan:

  1. 2008-2013 Nissan Rogue.
  2. 2013-2018 Nissan Altima.
  3. 2011-2017 Nissan Leaf.

Best year for used Nissan Altima

According to our research, the fourth-generation models of 2011 and 2012 were the best. 

Best year for used Nissan Armada

The best years for the Nissan Armada are the following: 2009, 2012-2014, with 2013 having exceptionally high reviews and ratings, and 2019-2020.

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