Best Used SUVs

Used SUVs have an impressive size. This means that they have a larger turning radius and therefore require much more space for parking. Another peculiarity of such a car is the complexity of maneuvering and high fuel consumption. This car has no equal in overcoming potholes and bumps, but it is not the best option for city driving. Therefore, buy a used SUV in the U.S. should those drivers who often have to drive off-road. The most popular models are Mercedes-Benz G, Land Rover Range Rover, and Toyota Land Cruiser. Buy such a car as an off-roader from the U.S. - the best solution for fans of extreme travel.

BMW X3 2017

BMW X3 2017

BMW X3 can be called one of the most beautiful cars of the entire concern. And how great to see the work of such professionals who can make the appearance more modern and keep the company's traditions. Despite a large number of body updates, it is impossible not to recognize the BMW. YYes, the radiator grille has changed, the headlights have changed their style, and the body lines have become more abrupt, but all this is done accurately, and beautifully that takes your breath away.

Of course, if we are talking about BMW, first of all, we want to pay attention to the engines, and in this case, the manufacturer has not disappointed at all. In addition to the already existing three gasoline and four diesel engines, two special units have been created. 

It is necessary to notice that the last variant will be accessible only in a sports complete set, but the scope still amazes. Such engines in the course with various transmission variants, independent suspension, and many electronic novelties bring the crossover to a new level. Competitors will have to seriously strain if they want to achieve something similar.

But for those fellow citizens who like this 3-series BMW with its sporty character, but they would like to get an even more spacious car from the company, which would be practical and comfortable enough for the whole family, then in this respect, an excellent solution for them could be the purchase of car model X3 xDrive28i model year 2013.

With its good traction and economical four-cylinder engine paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission, this crossover will not let any of the drivers behind the wheel get bored. Unlike the previous versions of engines, the new power unit of the automobile has a greater towing capacity with a torque of 67Nm.  Generally speaking, it was difficult to imagine why such a powerful engine was needed in this version of the BMW x3 xDrive35i.

During the test drive that took place for a whole week, the X3 xDrive28i proved that it can be considered quite economical in its fuel consumption. In comparison with the same engines of larger volume and power, the engine of the xDrive28i is very economical.

All engines installed in the new 2013 X3 cars are the result of expensive new technologies from BMW. Equipping its new power units with a turbine and at the same time reducing the volume of the engine itself while increasing the same car power with reduced fuel consumption, the German automaker positions all this and the car itself as one of the few crossover cars that have low fuel consumption while maintaining its power and dynamics of the vehicle.

This version of the car also has a sport mode, in which you will feel the sporty character of BMW. It really is the best used SUV for sale. Once you install this sport mode, you can immediately forget about the 7 (seventh) and 8 (eighth) speeds in the automatic transmission because each of the gears is lengthened with the transition to this mode, spinning the car engine to higher revolutions.

2015 Chevrolet Tahoe

2015 Chevrolet Tahoe

The new Chevrolet Tahoe is quite different from its predecessor, the appearance has remained the same recognizable, while many exterior details have added even more solidity and modernity. It should be noted that making an aggressive SUV of this size, in terms of design, is quite problematic. This is explained by the large height, length, as well as high ground clearance, which, by the way, here are 20 centimeters.

In the last two years, the line of Chevrolet SUVs has undergone significant changes, especially external and functional. So, for example, the radiator grille has been changed - it became even bigger, and now the headlights look like one unit with it.

Speaking of headlights, it would be logical to assume that the car of this class is equipped with LED optics, but it is not so, there is a bi-xenon. And if you think about it, LED lighting is installed, as a rule, on models that are characterized by reduced emissions economical, but the 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe does not fit into either category.

In the center you can consider a small corner, which involuntarily brings to mind the Chevrolet Camaro SS, it is logical because even their engines are the same. If you look closely, you can consider the front Parktronic sensors, the lower edge of the bumper is trimmed with black plastic.According to the new generation Chevrolet Tahoe owners, despite the high clearance, you still have to choose the parking place quite carefully because high curbs are dangerous for this very edge.

Now let's talk about the profile. It has become more modern. First of all, there are no huge racks with small windows. They were replaced by a decent area of glazing, and if to take into account the sizes of the automobile, it is very light in it. The visibility for a driver has also changed for the better, there are fewer blind zones, and it is very actual for such dimensional auto. This giant has remained almost the same in the rest, except for slightly modified front wheel arches. The angular concept of the car is emphasized by them very well, and their size can hide even 20-inch wheels.

The new 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe has changed dramatically compared to the last generation.  While you wouldn't say that the manufacturer intended to make the car lighter it is. For example, the arms are made of die-cast aluminum alloy, which gives them not only lightness but also adds strength.

Then there are ultrasonic sensors that analyze the composition and condition of the road surface under the car every 0,015 seconds, and then a special algorithm adjusts the stiffness of the struts. In combination with not bad noise isolation, it makes running smoothness very enviable.

Another novelty is the engine, which was designed specifically for the US and is not sold in any other markets. It is a V8 EcoTec3, which has a displacement of 6.2 liters. This volume has already become a tradition for Chevrolet.

Audi Q7 2019 

Audi Q7 2019

The new modernized Audi Q7 2019 was officially presented to the public in June of this year at the exhibition in Ingolstadt. The world premiere of the crossover is scheduled for the fall of this year and will take place at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Safety is ensured by the variable speed limiter and the Audi pre-sense city safety system. At medium speeds, the computer warns the driver of the possibility of collision with other vehicles or pedestrians and initiates hard braking in an emergency. If a collision is imminent, the computer activates Assist Break multicollision, a system of controlled braking during an accident, to help the driver. This can help prevent the vehicle from skidding and, consequently, additional collisions.

The Audi pre-sense basic option initiates preventive measures to protect passengers in unstable driving conditions, such as tightening the front seat belts. The optional solutions are combined into the "parking", "city" and "travel" packages. The "parking" package includes a surround-view camera and a parking assist system that autonomously directs the vehicle backwards into parallel and perpendicular parking spaces. All the driver has to do is apply the brakes and gas.

Cross-Traffic Assist warns the driver of other vehicles when reversing slowly, such as when pulling out of a perpendicular parking space. The anticipated collision warning system signals approaching vehicles or bicyclists from behind before the door is opened. "Audi side assist" uses radar measurements behind the vehicle to ensure a safe lane change. "Audi pre sense rear" increases seat belt tension in the event of an impending rear-end collision. The parking system plus rearview cameras complete the "City" package.

All power units, which the Audi Q7 2019 is equipped with, will have decent characteristics and, at the same time, low fuel consumption. The base unit will be a two-liter gasoline unit with 252 powers. Next is the three-liter engine with 333 horsepower. Also, this unit can run on diesel fuel, but in this case, it will already give 218 or 272 horsepower. All engines work in tandem only with an automatic transmission with eight gears and all-wheel drive. As the test drive shows, the maximum fuel consumption will be only 8 liters.

Best Mid-size Used SUV

  • The Land Rover Range Rover Evoque, a luxury mid-size best used SUV to buy, is the best in its class when it comes to off-roading. Two turbocharged four-cylinder engines are available, and the more powerful of the two uses a mild hybrid system. The Evoque's excellent ground clearance and obstacle depth allow it to tackle challenging terrain that is inaccessible to other cars. Its all-wheel-drive system and Terrain Response 2 driving modes can handle almost any road surface. The Evoque can be equipped with an all-around camera system that allows you to see the space around the vehicle.
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee. The car of this generation was equipped with a gasoline V6 engine with a capacity of 3.6 liters and 286 hp. This is the second most common engine after the 3.0-liter diesel, which was not only more economical to run, but also more profitable in terms of vehicle tax (243 hp). The top version with the V8 engine in the "civilian" version of 5.7 and sport SRT8 6.4 was in limited demand by fans and in the secondary market presented piecemeal. Actually, due to the former cooperation between Daimler and Chrysler, the Grand Cherokee IV WK2 is nothing more than a "cousin" of Mercedes' SUV ML W166 (now GLE), so many nuances come from Germany rather than America: in particular, the 3.0-liter diesel engine (OM642), as well as a 5-speed "automatic" W5A580 - German units.
  • 2020 Jeep Cherokee is a compact SUV. It is a comfortable vehicle with excellent higher-level trims. Like other Jeeps, the Cherokee is best suited for off-road driving in the Trailhawk trim, which has an all-wheel-drive system, mechanical rear axle lockup, and mountain driving mode. You can make do with other, less expensive Cherokee configurations, but the Trailhawk is certainly a tempting off-road package.
  • The Mercedes-Benz G-Class combines brutal design with several elegant details, making it one of the most recognizable cars in the world. The 2019 redesign has given the G-Class some much-needed updates in terms of technology and features. The G-Class is available with a choice of twin-turbocharged V8 engines. Standard features include low-range all-wheel drive, a solid rear axle, and three lockable differentials.

The Best Luxury Used SUV

  • The Jeep Wrangler is virtually synonymous with off-roading. It is a modern-day descendant of the original World War II military vehicle and perhaps the most "American" of all vehicles on the road. It is available in two- and four-door models with a soft-top or hardtop. The roof and doors can be removed and the windshield can be folded down for an unforgettable outdoor adventure. 
  • The Ford Expedition is available in standard and extended versions, each with a well-appointed interior with ample passenger and cargo space. The Expedition offers an economical twin-turbocharged V6 that generates 375 horsepower and 470 lb-ft of torque (it produces 400 horsepower and 480 lb-ft in the Platinum trim). The more luxurious version of the car is sold in America as the Lincoln Navigator. The Expedition does not offer a special off-road version per se, but you can get it with the optional FX4 off-road package. Available with XLT and Limited trims, it includes all-wheel drive (otherwise the rear-wheel-drive is standard), 18-inch aluminum wheels with all-terrain tires, an electronic limited-slip differential, a heavy-duty radiator, protective plates, and off-road front and rear shock absorbers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Used SUV Under 20000

Best small used SUV

  • 2017 Mazda CX-5.
  • 2019 Ford Escape. 
  • 2019 Chevrolet Equinox.
  • 2018 GMC Terrain

Best reliable used SUV

  • Chevrolet Tahoe. 
  • 2016 Subaru Forester.
  • 2015 Honda CR-V. 

Best used SUV for family

  • 2015 Toyota RAV4. 
  • 2015 Honda CR-V. 
  • 2012 GMC Yukon
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