How To Buy a Used Audi Q5 2014 Near Me?

How To Buy a Used Audi Q5 2014 Near Me?

A used auto is a great idea if you choose it wisely and find a model in a good configuration. According to statistics, in 2020, 39.3 million used cars and 14 million new ones were sold in the United States. This means that the demand for the secondary market is two times greater.

A used car doesn’t mean broken and old. On the contrary, such an automobile can be in use by the previous owner for a very short time and will definitely be cheaper than a new one. In particular, a car bought in the showroom immediately loses 10-15% in price after leaving it. At the same time, the difference in the condition of an auto without a run and with a mileage of 20-30 thousand is minimal: all units work like a clock, and there is practically no wear.

Typically, manufacturers and dealers provide a 3-5 year warranty or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. This means that you can find a used Audi Q5 2014 with an active warranty and regular service visits at an excellent price in Philadelphia, PA.

What To Look For When Buying a Used Audi Q5 2014?

Next, let’s learn what to do when choosing a used car in the USA.

Find out the market value

When purchasing a vehicle, you have to find out the USA’s average Audi q5 2014 price. Fortunately, today there are online tools that help estimate the value of any car. Evaluation criteria include: brand, model, year of manufacture, general condition, and mileage.

Estimate the thickness of the paintwork

It is impossible to determine it by eye, but you can rent a thickness gauge and check the paintwork at different places. Before this, on the Internet, you can find the standard values ​​for a particular auto model. Thus, the thickness gauge will make it clear what parts were putty and painted. Agree, tint on the bumper or the wing is not as difficult as repainting the roof or the entire body at once.

Examine the gaps between elements

The gaps must be small and symmetrical. It is quite difficult to align the gaps even after minor accidents: for example, hitted wings, bumper, hood, or door are often displaced.

You also have to check the condition of the steering wheel, gear lever, and pedal pads. Both the bad and the ideal state should alert you. It's clear that the wear must be consistent with the mileage of the used Audi Q5 2014.

Inspect the stickers on the glass

The marking should be the same on all side windows, it may differ on the front and rear, but this happens rarely. Pay attention to the production date and brand. If you look at several cars of the same model, you will understand where the glasses are native and where they were replaced.

Take a serious test drive

Take a car ride, nothing should confuse you. Listen, pay attention to different creaks of used Audi Q5 2014 - there should be nothing superfluous. The gearbox must shift without jerking or extraneous sounds. Best of all, of course, turn to professionals for this procedure.

Is The Audi Q5 a Good Used Car?

Happy owners who have purchased a used 2014 Audi Q5 for sale are very pleased with their choice. Among the advantages, car owners specify the next:

  • excellent dynamics;
  • good handling;
  • spacious salon with comfortable armchairs;
  • high level of comfort;
  • original design;
  • good cross-country ability;
  • sufficiently high-quality noise insulation;
  • spacious trunk.

Also, the car easily copes with the rise of 31 degrees. In addition, the adaptive air suspension and electronic stability control system provide agility, good braking control, and traction when accelerating. Therefore used Audi Q5 2014 with air suspension is a comfort in all conditions.

The car is quite popular in Alaska because it copes well with snowy and even icy roads. The main thing is to choose the tires that are optimal for the weather.

Note, this vehicle can be used for towing. Depending on the model, the maximum weight of the trailer ranges from 2 to 2.4 tons.

Where To Buy a Used Audi Q5 2014 With Bad Credit History

If you have decided to buy a used 2014 Audi Q5 for sale, contact us at Rolls Auto. Here you will find any car model at an excellent price with no less excellent quality. We have provided quality vehicles for over 18 years, that’s why people trust us. Moreover, we offer various financing options and are ready to deal even with buyers who have a bad credit history. Just remember that our main goal is the happiness of our clients.

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