The best used Honda to buy

All models of the Japanese Honda brand are distinguished by their original spectacular design, excellent driving characteristics, exceptional handling, maximum reliability, and high level of comfort in the cabin, made of premium-quality materials. Behind the wheel of cars of this brand, you are provided with incredible pleasure from every trip.

The main advantages of buying a Honda Civic in the U.S. include:

  • A favorable price for the car. Prices can be very low. It all depends on the required criteria for the vehicle and the right search. Find the best option to help experienced professionals.
  • A huge selection of body types - coupe, sedan, hatchback, etc. American car dealers have dozens of vehicles waiting for their owners.
  • The high quality of Honda Accord cars. Americans like comfort, so they take the best used Honda cars with full equipment.

A total of 3 Honda manufacturing plants are opened in the states. The company employs more than 200 thousand people. The automaker steadily sells 1.5 million units of production in the U.S. each year. That is why there are no particular difficulties in finding a suitable lot at auctions.

When buying a used Honda, we recommend paying attention to the following:

  • Document Verification. A title shows the VIN, the last miles the title was updated with, and to whom it is currently registered. The buyer should also check the “CarFax,” which shows any accidents, number of owners, services that were done, etc.
  • Evaluation of the body. It is recommended to check the car for dents and defects, inspect the joints between the hood and fenders, etc. It is also desirable to look carefully at the stickers and inscriptions: often, it is a "masking" of defects.
  • Evaluation of the interior. It is necessary to check the interior for damages. Everything should be evaluated: panel, seats, steering wheel, etc.
  • It is essential to check the engine working order. It is necessary to listen to the work of the car engine, look under the hood, check the car in motion, and assess the serviceability of the transmission.

Used Honda Accord

Honda Accord

For decades, the Honda Accord has been the model of the midsize family sedan. If you're looking for safety, fuel economy, performance, and a solid reputation, the Accord has something to offer. This sedan has virtually no weaknesses and ranks among the class leaders on several fronts. It's also reasonably priced and comes with a decent amount of standard equipment, making it attractive.

The Accord will remind you that you've made a wise choice by sitting in the low-slung seat. You can get comfortable in the car and feel like being in a more expensive car. The Accord has two options for a spirited engine, great handling, and a soft ride. The interior is one of the prettiest in the mid-size car class, with two rows of spacious, supportive seats. The Accord also has a large trunk and a convenient infotainment system.

The used Honda Accord seats five people. Both rows of seats are comfortable, with plenty of room for passengers in the front and back. The Honda Accord has one of the best interiors in its class. The interior is stylish and spacious, and the quality of materials is excellent for its segment. The Honda Accord is inferior to luxury cars in the top-end trims.

This Honda has one of the largest trunks in the class. It provides over 16 cubic feet of cargo space. The Honda sedan has a large touchscreen that is easy to see and read from the driver's seat. Plus, the touchpad responds quickly to input. The interface is also user-friendly, and it doesn't take much practice to get the hang of it. There's the bonus of physical controls for climate and sound settings. The dashboard of the Honda Accord is clear and perfectly readable.

Used Honda Accord Model Year Comparison

The used Honda is a great car, which has many advantages. A comprehensive comparison of its advantages and weaknesses can help you to make an informed decision when buying or selecting the car for you.

The Honda Accord was first introduced in 1976 and has been in production ever since. The Accord was originally a compact car, but has gradually grown to the midsize category. Throughout its history, the Honda Accord has established a reputation for quality and reliability. The current generation is available in both coupe and sedan body styles, with a hybrid model also offered.

Used Honda Civic

Honda Civic

The first generation of the Civic debuted in the summer of 1972 (as the 1973 MG): the history of the Honda Civic has been almost half a century! Critical was the year 1975: the U.S. introduced new environmental regulations, and the Honda Civic with an engine CVCC (Compound Vortex Controlled Combustion) was able to meet them without a catalyst - which meant a significant advantage in the price for the end user. Thus, the success of the first Honda Civic came not from the sporty versions but the economy and reliability.

At times, the sedan was sold under a different name. However, from the model's third generation (1983), the sedan was a permanent presence in the family Civic and went to market almost simultaneously with the hatchback. Today, the tenth generation of the Honda Civic is produced, and here the sedan appeared even earlier than the hatchback: the first public debut took place in the United States in the fall of 2015.

The front part of the cabin pleases with unusual design; at the same time, originality goes along with convenience. The unusual fabric-trimmed armrest is spacious and has two cup holders inside. The gauges are beautiful and original, and the information is read quickly. By the way, look closely: there is a usual digital display, economizer strip (glows green or white), standard dial tachometer, and indicators of antifreeze temperature and fuel level are usual scales behind glass.

There are a lot of competitors, each offering something special. But the Honda Civic sedan is not simple either: original design, unusual but comfortable interior, and good equipment. And also - the name Honda is still highly regarded in the United States.

Used Honda Civic Model Year Comparison

The first-generation Civic is a choice for parents who want the best car for their children. It has a great reputation, excellent reliability, and economy, and it's not too small to be a good choice for teenagers who can not yet afford a full-size car. The model comes in two versions: Coupe and Sedan.

The used Honda is versatile and reliable, proven in more than thirty years of production. Also, there are numerous versions of the car, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. However, none of them has a habit of superiority: the Civic is well-liked by fans and critics alike.

The Honda Civic has been in production for almost four decades. It's considered one of the best cars for young adults who are just starting, like students or recent graduates. The car offers excellent value for money, cheap maintenance costs, and great fuel economy.

Used Honda Odyssey

Honda Odyssey

The heart of the Honda car, distinguished by innovative technology, which maintains reliability and durability with high power. Engine performance is enhanced by left-handed crankshaft rotation. And the built-in VTEC system guarantees the efficiency and reliability of Honda motors at extreme speeds. Best used cars for sale are also chosen for their unpretentiousness in maintenance and high maintainability.

Without careful maintenance and special care, the Honda engine is able to run for a long time. The motorist, who decided to buy Honda, most often chooses the model Honda Civic for reliability, modernity, and stylish design in our country. Another popular model is the Honda Odyssey - a compact car with simple controls, well-proven in urban traffic. The first generation of the Honda Odyssey minivan appeared on sale back in 1994. Initially, the car was only available in the U.S. market, so the preferences of U.S. residents were taken into account during its development. A roomy interior with durable running gear and a beautiful exterior design made the model a real bestseller.

A few years later, the car underwent a deep restyling and a generational change. In 2013, an updated version for Japan was presented at the Tokyo Motor Show. It was available only with a right-hand drive and resembled the previous generation.

The current Odyssey belongs to the generation that appeared in 2018. Since then, there have been a few changes, but overall, the 2018 models are not much different from the 2019 versions, giving you peace of mind. By choosing a 2017 representative, you can count on an even lower price, but then you'll need to consciously forgo the benefits of the 2018 redesign. Previous-generation models have less cargo space, less powerful engines, and less equipment.

2020 models come with three years or 57,936 miles of the limited warranty and five years or 96,560 miles of powertrain warranty. The car received five out of five stars from the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration after passing crash tests. The minivan's base features include a rearview camera. Available are parking assist, blind-spot monitoring with cross-traffic alert behind, and the Honda Sensing safety kit. The kit includes pre-emergency braking, collision warning, lane-keep assist, lane departure warning, and adaptive cruise control.

Depending on the equipment level, the restyled sedan is equipped with eight airbags, an anti-lock braking system (ABS), adaptive electric power steering (EPS), cruise control, rearview camera, as well as brake force distribution (EBD), stabilization (VSA), brake assist (BA) and hill-start assist (HSA) systems. Protecting the driver and passengers is most responsible for the strong body - the ninth Civic has 10% stiffer and 7% lighter than its predecessor.

The increase in strength and weight reduction of the body structure was achieved through the use of high-strength steels - in the current model, their share reaches 55%. In the course of upgrading at the end of 2012, measures were taken to strengthen the upper longitudinal elements of the steel cage of the engine compartment due to increased demands for passive safety in the United States.

Used Honda Odyssey Model Year Comparison

The Odyssey is a talented, versatile, and reliable car that has become the Japanese market's main mid-size car. It was designed to be a car that can offer an excellent driving experience and comfort for the whole family.

In addition to its good fuel efficiency, Honda's minivan has attracted attention with its comfort package, which is quite affordable and features excellent quality. The interior offers an extremely spacious interior environment that provides occupants with plenty of space to move around. In addition, there are many high-quality equipment items.

The used Honda Odyssey is, in fact, the most popular minivan on the American market. The main reason for this is not only a roomy body and high-quality design. The 2017 Odyssey model meets all the requirements of modern consumers: a comfortable cabin, excellent fuel consumption, and powerful drive.

Used Honda Pilot

Honda Pilot

The second-generation used Honda Pilot has only one engine - a 3.5-liter V-shaped "six" with the function of deactivating cylinders VCM, developing 257 hp and 347 N-m (after the restyling - 249 hp, 347 N-m). This power unit is able to feed both 92-m and 98-m gasoline. Thus it is unlikely to calculate the average fuel consumption readings. Somebody's onboard computer shows 15/11 liters (city/highway), somebody's - 22/14 liters.

The 3.5-liter gasoline V-six with cylinder deactivation turned out to be quite a problematic powertrain3.5-liter gasoline V-six with cylinder deactivation turned out to be quite problematic powertrain.

However, there are points that many Honda Pilot II owners have in common. For example, increased oil consumption. Or the critical wear of camshafts up to 60 thousand miles of the run. Yes, you heard right. Because of poor quality heat treatment of cams (apparently cementation), these design elements refuse to fulfill their functions conscientiously, which is manifested by the fuel consumption increase by 1-2 l/60 miles, motor cracking, and knocking during the operation. There is only one way out - replacement.

Separate attention should be paid to oil leakage from the under cover of the cylinder control unit. And the lubricating liquid, as a rule, flooded the generator and put it out of operation. The culprits are poor-quality gaskets. The probable period of problem occurrence is 70-80 thousand miles run. So, one craftsman made a mold for all necessary sealing elements and offered everyone willing to get the cherished parts at a democratic price.

Sometimes owners, who had a chance to fill up with low-quality fuel, were terrorized by a "burning check" on the dashboard concerning catalysts. There are three ways out in such a situation: to replace the worn-out part with a new one; to throw the clogged element into the trash, install the flame arresters on the vacated place and change the software; to do nothing, and, after a short period of time, find yourself with a destroyed combustion engine. The last scenario is possible in the case of the destruction of a catalyst and penetration of its abrasive fragments into cylinders through the recirculation system of exhaust gases.

The Pilot has 10 airbags and a wide range of "smart" assistants to protect the driver and passengers. The list of electronic assists, depending on the equipment, includes Trailer Stability System (TSA), Brake Force Distribution (EBD), Tyre Pressure Monitor (DWS), and Lane Watch, as well as anti-lock braking system (ABS), adaptive electronic power steering (EPS), cruise control and intelligent traction control system (ITM). Along with this, there are front and rear parking sensors, light/rain sensors, and a rearview camera, the image from which is displayed on the multimedia complex.

Used Honda Pilot Model Year Comparison

This year Honda Pilot was released on the American market. The new model is based on the Honda Pilot, which has been in production since 2011. The used car offers a 24-valve 3.5-liter V-6 engine with direct injection. Depending on the specification, it develops either 248 hp or 247 hp of power. A trunk volume of 14 cubic meters (extra hard top) at 2435 mm – is sufficient for transporting up to 7 people comfortably.

Used Honda CR-V

Honda CR-V

Traditionally, Honda did not amaze its customers with a variety of power units. On the CR-V, almost all of its history was installed two main engines - both gasoline "atmospheric" capacity of 2.0 (R20A) and 2.4 liters (K24Z4).

Both gasoline engines came to CR-V III from the previous generation of the crossover, and they got from under the hood of the Honda Accord sedan, where they proved themselves very well. The engines have a chain drive timing and a variable valve timing i-VTEC. Structurally, the engines are similar, and therefore the problems with them are often the same.

The chain has a long service life - about 120,000 miles, but the rest of the timing system is not so durable: earlier stabilizers, phase change gears, and even camshafts with clutches can be replaced.

Engines are critical to oil quality - clogged oil ducts can lead to serious problems. Temperamental drivers have oil caps, and piston rings wear out by 90 thousand miles and even earlier. Besides, engines sin with oil leaks. On the whole, the increased consumption of oil after 60,000 miles mileage is a sign of the not very attentive previous owner, the main problems start after 120,000 miles.

The catalyst on CR-V requires close attention. The economy on quality of gasoline, ignition system, and power supply leads to its increased deterioration. As a result, ceramic crumbs get sucked into the cylinders, scoring their walls. The automobile deserves attention if one perceives the pre-owned Honda CR-V not as a passable crossover but as a family compact van with expanded opportunities. The "Japanese" has not a single frankly problematic unit, and the basic units with proper care are very long.

The main problem of CR-V is rather expensive maintenance and a small choice of quality, non-original spare parts. So not the most expensive purchase with an inattentive choice can lead to many restoration expenses.

Used Honda CR-V Model Year Comparison

In 2017, Honda released the new model of CR-V. The car is based on the Honda model from 2001-2005, considered the "golden years" of the crossover. Since then, there have been many changes in the CR-V under the hood with new engines and under the skin. From 2001 to 2005, crossover appeared with a 1.5-liter engine, which developed up to 160 hp and torque of 177 Nm at 4200 rpm.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Used Hondas

What Makes Honda So Reliable?

There are many reasons Honda's cars are so reliable. The company has been around since 1948 and is one of the largest automakers in Japan, after Toyota and Nissan. They have continued to invest heavily in research and development to stay ahead of the game. Buying a pre-owned Honda is a good option if you are looking for a reliable vehicle without breaking your budget. You may contact us and get a special offer for used cars.

How Does Honda Stay Reliable?

Honda has a reputation for making reliable cars with strong engines. Since the Japanese carmaker was founded in 1948, Honda has produced quality automobiles with innovative features and new inventions. While some people may not be familiar with Honda or know about one of their newest models for sale, there is no denying that this company is still running to become one of America’s top auto companies.

How Does Honda Reliability Compare to Other Manufacturers?

When shopping for a used Honda, it's important to consider how reliable the vehicle will be. This is one of many questions new car shoppers ask. With so many different brands and models in the market, no one wants to buy a lemon - and with so much uncertainty in reliability from car to car, it can be difficult to find out which used Honda is perfect for you. This practice means that many Honda models are expected to last long with little or no repairs.

Has Honda Become Less Reliable Over the Years?

There is a lot of debate as to whether or not Honda vehicles are any good. The first thing you need to know is that Honda has been in the auto industry for a long time, founded in 1948. They even grew from a small company into one of the largest automakers in the world and currently have around nine percent of the global automotive market share. In fact, Consumer Reports even named them number one in customer satisfaction for years.

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