Best used Mercedes to buy

One of the most respected car companies in the world remains the German company Mercedes-Benz. Its offspring, even after 15 years of active use, remain excellent representatives of their classes and easily compete with most of their rivals. Cars of such age are still popular on the secondary market, and this keeps their price on a fairly high level. Despite all this, you can find cars on the aftermarket with quite a long life and a low price tag. These are cars that have worked in the family or the private possession of one person all their time.

When buying the best used Mercedes-Benz, you should consider a thousand different factors that will help you sort out resource issues and potential quality. It's best to take the car to a service station before handing over the money to check for possible breakdowns and immediately reduce the purchase price by the amount to repair such breakdowns. Mercedes offers comfort, operational confidence, a low percentage of unforeseen breakdowns, maximum power, and very durable technology. Cars, even with a lot of age, can still surprise you pleasantly with their capabilities.

Besides, the German premium-brand in all its models put the appropriate level of comfort and power, so the driving parameters of base models do not cause any questions. The low status will be reflected only in not rich for "Mercedes" complete set and not the most expensive finishing materials.

For those who want a classic Mercedes-Benz in a sedan with a rear-drive, the C-class of the third generation with a W204 body will fit in the mentioned parameters. So, let's see what kind of trouble these models can cause.

If you look at the market as a whole, Mercedes occupies quite a small percentage. But these cars are still very popular even among those people who have never seriously considered buying a car of this class. There are many opinions on why Mercedes-Benz is the best choice in the secondary market. Most often, these opinions relate to quality, but not only by this criterion, but the car also stands out among the competitors.

Important reasons the best used Mercedes to buy:

  1. The car gives an elite level of travel even in the most difficult conditions, made all models in terms of the level of pleasure of travel, and in this, the company has succeeded;
  2. Travel comfort is difficult to compare with any competitor, many cars turn out to be much worse, even though they cost more, but on the road, they show less positive qualities;
  3. Car endurance is difficult to compare with other models, without major repairs, most even modern Mercedes get up to 200-250 thousand miles mileage, it is a record;
  4. The thought-out architecture of the cabin - all models have a thought-out quality implementation of the interior, here you will feel just fine, there will be no problems with comfort;
  5. Luxury materials that very long retain their pristine qualities can easily determine how many hundreds of thousands of miles the car was in the previous owner so that the selection will not be difficult.

Auto picking experts love picking out Mercedes, they're like an open book for someone with experience. Scuffed steering wheel or scratched upholstery, you can tell that the car has already seen everything in life. The motors under a hood are a separate theme of the advantages of Mercedes-Benz. The company has never indulged in downsizing or untested technologies and provides unbelievable service life for its units. These are important pluses.

First of all, it's worth taking the selection seriously. The best used Mercedes SUV is so well-maintained that it can look like new even after 15 years of use. That's why resellers actively wind up the mileage and pass off the car as "the third in the family" or "wife went to the supermarket". You need to check the paintwork, look at the interior, and find out the reason for replacing any original parts. Otherwise, you can get into an unpleasant situation with the purchase of your car.

It is also worth remembering such features:

  • Mercedes-Benz cars are very reliable, but also demanding to the quality of service, this transport needs original components for maintenance, which translates into a lot of money;
  • service is quite complex, not every station will be able to take such a car for maintenance, and the cost of repair of even trivial breakdowns will be very high at a professional station;
  • in the operation of the Mercedes will also have to buy expensive consumables, such as technical fluids, rubber, mats in the cabin, and other additions for the comfort and safety of the trip;
  • fuel consumption of these cars is quite high because under the hood are powerful and hardy units, the first task of the company was to create a reliable unit, no one looked at the consumption;
  • if you choose a car wrong and buy a car with high mileage, it will be incredibly expensive to drive, and you will have breakdowns that you never even heard of.

Mercedes works fine up to a certain mileage, but then it's like being replaced. The car has a very unusual character, which you need to be prepared for. That is why you should be careful when buying one and never give money for a dubious vehicle. Its repair and restoration can be more expensive than the purchase of the vehicle. Here is a reason to think again about such a purchase.

Mercedes-Benz M-Class 

Mercedes-Benz M-Class

Mercedes-Benz M is a luxurious and modern car. Despite the presence of the frame, the car is good on the asphalt. It is not necessary to drive the vehicle on serious off-road - M is more of a representative car rather than a conqueror of difficult places.

  1. The body - the German body resists rust well. Additional anti-corrosion usually is not required.
  2. The running gear - there are no problems with the running gear. The main thing for reliable operation of the running gear is careful and competent driving.
  3. Transmission - manual transmission (5 steps) and automatic transmission (5 steps) are very reliable. Problems with the boxes arise very rarely.
  4. The engine - all power units are very reliable. The 4-cylinder engine is frankly weak and is recommended only to very quiet drivers. With the use of quality technical fluids and skilled maintenance, the engines run long and stable.

In motion, the 5-door M demonstrates light behavior, rolls in turns can not be called frightening, the car demonstrates clear behavior in a straight line. The excellent smoothness of motion, which allows not paying much attention to the quality of the road surface, is pleasing. Mercedes-Benz M is capable of overcoming not too difficult off-road, but you should not abuse this. The car is equipped with an always-on all-wheel drive and an electronic traction control system on each wheel 4-ETS. Spare parts for the model are quite expensive: clutch disc - $110, pump - $140, brake pads - $70, air filter - $20, oil filter - $25, fuel filter - $30.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Mercedes-Benz E-Class

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class sedan consistently ranks among the most popular and the best used Mercedes model to buy on the market, and this applies not only to new cars but also to used cars, where it is also in demand. The E-Class W213, built on the MRA modular platform, has been produced since 2016, and in 2020 the sedan received a restyled version.

In terms of appearance restyled model turned out quite controversial, fans of the brand did not like the smooth lines of the trunk with narrow rear LED lights, and the transformed front end of the car was not to everyone's liking.At the time of the premiere, restyling also seemed a bit strange, but now, when there are more and more of these cars on the roads, it seems like a nice update.

The front part of the car, though becoming more sloping and impetuous, is still recognizable, and the uninitiated person will not even notice some serious changes in it. The front mask with elongated headlights looks a little bit unusual but considering that Germans use such solutions on all of their new cars now, in general, it looks ok. Yes, probably because of the new design decisions, the vehicle has lost visually in volume, now it looks not so massive, but lighter, and the sports silhouette definitely does not worsen the general perception.

Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class

Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class

The power unit under the hood of the potential GLK - the main distinguishing feature on the way from the car to car, as any copy for the U.S. necessarily meant a four-wheel-drive (4 Matic) and seven-speed "automatic" 7 G-Tronic (although the native European versions GLK 200 and 220 CDI could have a "manual" box and drive only on the rear axle).

At first sight, in a variety of versions, it is easy to drown. But in fact, everything is simpler. Mercedes-Benz likes to vary the output of engines using firmware, selecting new indices at the same time. Thus, the "iron" of power units is often the same. And it turns out that the only engine is for a pair of modifications.

The GLK does not have openly problematic engines. But it is not necessary to count on cloudless existence. On before-restyling crossovers GLK 220 CDI, the fuel injectors are changed, and the engine control's electronic block is re-flashed. However, don't hurry up to be frightened of such a significant procedure. This difficult operation has the status of a service campaign and is free for the car owner. Alas, they do not always call for replacement, but if you visit the dealer of your own free will, as a rule, they do not refuse.

Mercedes C-Class

Mercedes C-Class

There are examples of 2009-2011 production years for the mentioned money on the market with the only gasoline turbo engine 1.8, but in three variants of forcing - 156, 184, and 204 horsepower (up to 2009, inclusive, the engine was equipped with a compressor). All presented variants are equipped with rear-drive and classic automatic transmission.

The main problem with the engine is the timing chain drive, which is subject to stretching. It is amazing, but according to the regulations, this mechanism is designed for the whole service life, which is unreal in our conditions, of course. If suspicious noises are coming from under a hood, it is worthy not to delay replacement. Together with a chain, not to disassemble it twice, it is necessary to also change clutches on camshafts, which can fail. Their imminent end is also reflected by the increased noise of the engine. The turbine, oddly enough, is very reliable and can fail only due to irregular oil changes.

As with the A- and B-Class, the C has a weak drive belt, which needs to be replaced as early as 50,000 miles. The thermostat fails, and it is also mandatory for the C-Class to warm up in winter. The point is that due to the features of its design the crankcase ventilation system freezes, and as a result, oil can get into the intake system unnoticed (there is no pressure sensor in the car). In neglected cases, it is possible to catch a wedge.

Mercedes C-Class is equipped with two automatic systems: until 2010 - ancient and therefore almost unkillable 5G-Tronic 5-speed gearbox, which has been replaced by more difficult and capricious 7-speed.

The box and the engine have a common cooling system, and therefore it is worth watching it twice: clogged radiator or running antifreeze is the reason to check and clean the whole system. Overheating is one of the frequent problems with a gearbox, and it especially concerns a seven-speed. Besides, the brave guys often exposed the box to high loads, arranging drift-raids, starting from a stop-light and other races.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Mercedes-Benz S-Class

In the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, everything is perfected. The harmony of tones and textures, luxurious materials, innovative technology, uncompromising reliability, and perfect handling - it is not for nothing that it is the best-selling executive sedan. Whether you're the driver or the passenger, the new S-Class offers an unbelievable experience.

The reserve of over-engineering in the six hundred Mercs was so great that it could be felt almost two decades later and, in some points, is still relevant today. In the W 140, in terms of quality and reliability, every detail, even the smallest one, was thought out. The car was made with reserves for several decades to come. Though the beauty and style were also at a high level, they are not as good as the quality and reliability of the six hundred Mercedes.

Almost all of the problems of the Mercedes W-140, arising after many years of its operation, including antifreeze leaks and electronics, are brought from outside. Careful attitude and timely quality prophylaxis turn the car into an unshakable rock, which "flows around" even time itself. This car has everything necessary and nothing unnecessary. That is its main feature.

Frequently Asked Questions about best used Mercedes

Which used Mercedes-Benz is most reliable?

The most reliable Mercedes-Benz car is the E-Class, according to the Reliability Index.

Is Mercedes reliable after 100k miles?

No. They are expensive to maintain, even if you don't have anything that breaks down. You should never finance a Benz, BMW, or something similar with high mileage.

Best time to buy a used Mercedes

September and March can be some of the best months to buy a used car. This is because right after the new license plate formats are introduced, many people are trading in their old vehicles for new ones, which means that dealers may have a lot of used cars in stock that they want to sell.

What is high mileage for a Mercedes-Benz?

Some models have problems as early as 50,000 miles, while other models can go over 200,000 miles with regular maintenance.

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