Honda Accord Reliability: A Complete Review

Honda Accord has long been one of the most reliable and spacious vehicles on the market. It’s a vehicle that many consider a fantastic compromise between luxury and affordability.

It is an engineering marvel, giving drivers plenty of space for four passengers as well as enough legroom for an eight-footer. The engine provides ample power, and the transmission performs flawlessly. Since Honda is famous for its easy maintenance process, owners will never have to worry about starting or changing out parts.

In this article, we will be looking at Honda Accord's reliability. The first section will consist of a general overview of what Honda Accord's reliability is, and the second section will explain the various issues that are common to Honda Accord.

Honda Accord

Honda Accord Reliability

Since the Accord was introduced in 1976, this sedan has consistently ranked as one of the most reliable vehicles on the road. According to many surveys, the vehicle is known for its safety ratings and its reliability. Honda Accord reliability is a big reason why the car has been so successful in the market over the years. One of the main reasons why Honda Accords are so reliable is due to their relatively easy maintenance process. They are known for having a very easy maintenance system.

When it comes down to it, the Accord is a very easy car to maintain. The majority of the vehicle’s parts are easily accessible and can be repaired quickly and easily by taking the car into a maintenance shop or the dealer’s garage. There have been many complaints of part failures after a short period, but if Honda can correct this problem, they will fix it in their next redesign or reissue the vehicle.

Due to all the positive feedback, Honda has been consistently producing Accords as it is one of their most profitable vehicles. Even with its reliability issues, owners don’t mind because they still get to drive a fun and reliable car.

Honda Accord Reliability Issues

Although Honda Accord reliability has been fairly high for over a decade, there are still some issues that drivers experience. The following are some of the most common problems with the Accord.

While the Honda Accord has never had major engine problems or transmission problems, there is still a problem that plagues many owners of this vehicle. This is not to say that all Honda Accord owners have had this issue, but there are still many issues with the vehicles that have caught many owners' attention.

The first issue that seems to affect older models is the sunroof coming off or falling completely off. This can easily be fixed by replacing the entire assembly and getting the seal repaired, but this is a very expensive repair.

Another issue that many owners of Honda Accords are having is with their driver's side window coming loose. This can be fixed by replacing the glass, but it will cost significantly more than fixing the assembly. The sunroof and driver’s side windows problems seem to be caused by very worn out or damaged window regulators or door lock mechanisms which can easily be fixed if Honda can resolve this issue.

Honda Accord Common Problems

One of the main reasons why the Honda Accord is so reliable is because of the quality components that it has. The car has a wide range of engine parts and transmissions, which are known to be very durable. As long as these parts are maintained properly, they will last a long time.

The power train in an Accord is known for being durable, and this is because Honda uses super-premium components. The company has been doing this for years, and the quality is consistent. The Honda Accord parts are of very high quality, so there is no reason for owners to go out and change the engine or the transmission unless they are just looking to upgrade. Below there're some problems Honda owners can face.

Honda Accord Transmission Problems

The transmissions on these vehicles are known to need some repairs, and sometimes replacing the entire assembly is necessary. While the Honda Accord transmission problems once affected the company’s reputation and sales, they have taken measures to fix this problem and ensure that it won’t happen again.

In some cases, Honda had to recall the transmission for repairs after several reports of the car’s transmission failing. After redesigning the car and reissuing a new model with an improved transmission system, the Honda Accord reliability became one of their main selling points.

Honda Accord Starter Problems

Another very common issue is the starter. This issue is usually the result of a faulty switch or relay, causing the engine to stall and preventing it from starting. Owners have reported this issue occurring on several occasions.

The only way to fix this problem is to get the starter replaced. This can be done at a Honda dealership and will cost approximately $800 in repairs. In addition, the company has redesigned the starter and added additional relays to make sure that this problem never occurs again.

Honda Accord Acceleration Problems

A faulty throttle body usually causes the Honda Accord acceleration problems. While this can be fixed, it will require replacing the entire assembly. This is also expensive and can be done at a Honda dealership, so owners have to bring the car in themselves.

This repair costs approximately $400–500 in repairs, and they only have to replace the throttle body. Once again, this is an easy fix, but many people have received this part replacement and had no idea that it wasn’t their fault.

Honda Accord Brake System Problem

The Honda Accord brake problems are usually caused by the brake pads wearing out or the rotors corroding. If a Honda dealer notices that the brake pads need to be replaced, they will immediately put new brakes on the car and charge $700–800 in repairs.

In some cases, it may be necessary to replace all four wheels, as this is often a major issue for Honda Accord owners. On the other hand, replacing the pads and rotors can be done by going to a mechanic and paying around $600 in parts.

Honda Accord Bluetooth Problems

Another common problem affecting Honda Accord owners is the Bluetooth system. Owners have reported this issue on many occasions, and there seems to be a major problem with the Bluetooth systems in these models.

The problem is due to a faulty antenna, and it has been reported that this issue has been fixed in all Honda Accord models but not in other models created by the company.

Honda Accord Turbo Problems

Yet another problem that seems to be affecting Honda Accord owners is the Turbo problem. This is due to a faulty manifold, which will cause the car to stall and not move. Another problem that seems to affect Honda Accords is that they overheat very easily and require a new water pump.

Honda Accord EGR Valve Problems

Honda has also had issues with the intake manifold system, which have caused problems in the turbochargers. In some cases, this results from oil build-up and water dripping out, but in other cases, it can be due to a faulty EGR valve. This can be fixed by an overhaul at the dealership and will cost around $1,000.

Honda Accord Water Pump Problems

Another problem that Honda has with the water pump is that it can get stuck and not allow the engine to run properly, causing all sorts of issues. The way to fix this issue is by replacing the entire assembly. This assembly costs around $600 and will require a Honda dealer to replace it for you.

Honda Accord Fuel Injector Problems

Another very common problem that seems to affect Honda Accord owners is the fuel injectors. The way to fix this issue is to replace the entire assembly, and this usually costs around $300 and can be done by a mechanic.

Is Used Honda Accord Worth Buying? Yes!

The Honda Accord has been known for its luxury and style, but the car still manages to be a reliable vehicle that owners can finally depend on. While the car’s body is made of high-quality steel, which has been tested and proven to be very durable, the vehicle has no problems when it comes to reliability.

The used car Honda Accord is a very popular choice for colleges because students are looking for a reliable vehicle that can be put in the back of their dorm for several years without any problems or repairs. This vehicle is safe and reliable, making it a very attractive option for parents who want their kids to drive a safe yet stylish car with plenty of storage space.

One of the main issues in deciding whether or not to buy a used Honda Accord is whether or not it has had previous accidents. There are plenty of cars on the market that still has the majority of their parts intact, but they have been in a lot of accidents and have had bodywork done. Once this is determined, the next step would be to check any previous maintenance records for repairs and maintenance.

What Year Honda Accord Is Most Reliable?

The first generation (1976-1981) of the Honda Accord had its share of reliability issues that have been documented over the years. The second generation was very reliable and performed very well for many years.

The third generation (1985-1989) continued this trend and provided many owners with a safe and reliable ride while they were driving it. The fourth generation (1989-1993) of the Accord is one of Honda's most reliable generations ever produced. The only problem that has happened thus far is that some drivers have reported a few issues with the car’s air conditioning system.

The fifth generation (1993-1997) has had its share of problems, but nothing too serious has happened. The sixth generation (1998-2002) has been very reliable, and most drivers have not experienced any problems with the vehicle. The seventh generation (2002-2008) has also been very reliable, and Honda did not seem to make any design changes to the car.

The eighth generation (2008-2012) of the Accord has had a few issues with the air conditioning system, but only a few people have reported this. This generation is one of the most reliable of all current Accord models, and it is being sought after by many.

The ninth generation (2013-2017) has been very dependable. Honda has made many changes to the vehicle's design, so this would suggest that the company’s design engineers have done a great job coming up with a highly functional and reliable vehicle over time. The current generation will only get better and better as it gets older, so long as owners take care of their vehicles properly.

The tenth (2017-present) is a great vehicle for almost any person. It has great technical characteristics, a modern exterior and interior, and numerous digital features.

When talking about the Honda Accord's reliability, it is important to know that Honda’s redesign of the vehicle in the eighth generation helped a lot with this. This generation was one of the most reliable Accord models, and it has a proven record of reliable service, so long as owners take care of their vehicle properly. Older models will not have a problem starting up every time they are needed, but they do have a tendency to require more maintenance than previous generations of the vehicle.

How Much Is A Used Honda Accord?

The average price for a used Honda Accord is surprisingly affordable. For example, the used Honda Accord for sale is priced at nearly $12,000 - $15,000. If you do some searching around and decide that the model you like is going for far too much, try waiting a few weeks before making any offers.

The chances are that the price will drop as time goes by, and it becomes more likely that the dealer will have to sell it at a lower price. There are plenty of good deals if you are patient enough to wait until they appear.

How Many Miles Can A Honda Accord Last?

When Honda first released the Accord in 1976, it was only intended as a luxury car. It was not supposed to be driven daily, and most people did not even know how to change a tire at that point. However, the Accord has proven to be an excellent vehicle after many years of service.

In fact, the car has been known to last over 200,000 miles without any major problems. It is now available with a wide range of features designed to make it a very reliable vehicle and a lot more likely to last longer.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a reliable car that no longer has to be looked at as a disposable item, the Honda Accord will be a great choice. It has always been highly reliable, and buyers have not had to worry about the problems that they have usually experienced in other vehicles. The vehicle’s design has changed significantly over the years, and this is one of the main reasons why it is among the most reliable cars on sale today.

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