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After the infamous 2016 fuel economy scandal Mitsubishi Motors functions only as a part of the gigantic Renault–Mitsubishi–Nissan triumvirate. Back in the days, though, Mitsubishi was very much of a giant itself. Imagine a car, any car — chances are, Mitsubishi has made it already at some point. Its list of vehicles is vast, and if you are looking for a used Mitsubishi, you can have an extremely fun time browsing through all the cars available.

Let’s try to analyze the best and the worst of Mitsubishi. While we’re at it, let’s also find the most reliable place to buy a used Mitsubishi for sale.

As Mitsubishi offers you a veritable world of cars in itself, it’s probably better to start with the body type of your future car. Do you want a SUV, a sedan, or maybe a sports car?

  • When it comes to Mitsubishi, used SUV usually means either Montero or Outlander. Montero will usually be a larger, bulkier (and more expensive) model, while Outlanders are relatively slender for SUVs and also offer all-wheel drive. 
  • Lancer is a staple Mitsubishi compact car that has been manufactured since 1973. They tend to be extremely cheap, although the actual quality may vary somewhat. Lancer can also be made into a decent sports car.
  • If you are hunting for that slick, sporty look in Mitsubishi, used cars dealers can offer you a majestic 3000GT. It’s surprisingly affordable for a vintage sports car, sometimes going for as low as $5K. 

As a rule of thumb, always look up the reviews both for the car and the dealership you’re looking into. Don’t forget to check the maintenance and repair records for your chosen car before making a purchase.

The huge variety of Mitsubishi vehicles also implies a huge array of very common problems you might Inadvertently stumble upon. 

  • Clumsy handling — Mirage, Outlander
  • Poor fuel management — Shogun
  • Faulty electrics — Outlander, Shogun
  • Road noise — Lancer, Outlander

Unfortunately, starting in the late 2010s, the quality of Mitsubishi vehicles took a hard nosedive. The company’s internal struggles have resulted in it being branded as one of the worst car manufacturers of 2016 by Consumer Reports. The latest generation of poor Mitsubishi Mirage was made a #11 in the Forbes’ list of ‘15 new cars to avoid’.

On a brighter note, this also probably means that you don’t have to be afraid of some older models, as they are hardly worse than the current ones. 

If overall robustness is your main goal when searching for a car, both consumers and the experts agree that the most reliable Mitsubishi car by far is Mitsubishi Colt. It’s also very inexpensive and easy to maintain. The only tangible con here is its rather peculiar design, which was streamlined a bit in the later models, but still remains distinct enough to attract a plenty of sometimes needless attention.

Rolls Auto Sales is the best choice of used Mitsubishi dealership if you live in Philadelphia, PA. Here you can make a sweet deal on a used Mitsubishi vehicle even if you have a bad credit history.

Mitsubishi also participates in Certified Pre-Owned and Approved Used programs accessible from their official sites, meaning that buyers both from the US and the UK will have no trouble finding a reliable dealer.

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