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How to buy a used sports car near me?

At least once in a lifetime, one gets passionate about a sports car. It may be a lifelong romance or just a bright lifestyle moment. In any case, he begins to search for a sports car, starts to think about which sports car is best to buy and where to buy it. The financial issue is very important. New sports cars are usually quite expensive. Often you can only afford the used sports car of your selection. 

What are the best used sports cars?

The best thing about used sports cars is that their price depreciates tremendously over time as car manufacturers keep rolling new models out to market. Usually, a sports car is stuffed with all kinds of expensive high-performance equipment: engine, suspension, electronics, steering, the trim. That often makes the new sports car price go over $100k- $200k.

But look what happens when you shop for them used:

  • BMW M v6 Roadster with a great package - $23000 instead of $97000
  • BMW e64 v10 - for $ 21000!
  • Porsche 997  for $25000 instead of $200000. 
  • 2011 Maserati Quattroporte for only $24500
  • 1993 Nissan ZX with 300 hp turbo engine - $22000.

These examples give you a general idea of the price advantage of buying used sports cars. But keep in mind that these cars are usually expensive to maintain. Cheap prices may turn into expensive maintenance and repair costs.  

What is the most reliable used sports car?

The examples below will give an idea of what sports cars to look for when you want to empower the price depreciation and the vehicle reliability at the same time:

  • 2003 Honda S 2000. Super reliable. Excellent engine and transmission with very rare issues even after 15+ years of active use. The price range may vary as low as $15000-$25000. Look for a rust-free body. This is just about the only problem these great cars may have.
  • 2005 Lotus. Another great hit of reliability and low price. This car will be a little more expensive ($25-$30k), but it's a great design, fun to drive, and an unbeatable Toyota line of engine and transmission. 
  • 2004-2006 BMW e46 M3. Not as reliable as the two previous Japanese cars. It may have oil leaks and other engine issues. Not good at all with the automatic transmission. So, buy a manual transmission only. But still, great design and fun to drive for a relatively low price.
  • Mitsubishi Evo 8 Lancer may let you in for as low as $11k-$16k. This is a reliable and once legendary rally car, very popular at the beginning of the 2000s. Still looks good and drives great. Pay attention to body rust and possible transmission issues.

Where to buy used sports cars?

If you are in Philadelphia, PA, Rolls AutoSales is the best used sports car dealer near you. We offer a wide selection, a large number of used sports cars inventory. We’re 18 years in business, have experienced staff and outstanding financing opportunities. Bad credit history, no credit at all - no problem. We’ll get you rolled out in a sports car of your dream.