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Genesis car brand is quite a young endeavor as the Hyundai Motor Company founded it in 2015 to design and market its upscale, premium, and luxury models. One may only wonder why, but Hyundai apparently needed a separate stable for such luxurious, thoroughbred, and skittish horses. Probably to match the closest competitors: Toyota (Lexus), Nissan (Infiniti), and Volkswagen (Porsche).

Anyways, by now, the Genesis brand is presented with models G90, G80, G70 sedans and coupes. Also, new crossovers are getting ready to be released by the company. 

Genesis cars haven’t been around for a time long enough to judge reliability and major issues reasonably. But as far as what we know from the 5-year prospective standpoint, Genesis cars are pretty reliable. Used Genesis vehicles so far not known to have major issues with engine, transmission, or suspension. However, some minor to medium issues are spotted on the exterior and interior trim, functional elements, and materials:

  • door handle issues
    • falls off
    • backlight bulb blinks
    • door handle breaks
    • Hyundai service people do not always know how to replace it properly
  • plastics may go spotty, worn out, flimsy at seams under harsh weather conditions (heat, rain, snow)
  • paint may go off rims and off lower car body areas intensively affected by weather
  • windshield wipers failure issue
  • mirror servos stuck
  • noisy interior elements (like side pillars, steering wheel column, and so on)
  • propeller shaft issue
  • sunroof issues
    • wind seal comes off
    • sunroof wobbles 
  • front seats back panels fall off
  • rust here and there.

Also, the service level available to Genesis vehicles at Hyundai and Kia dealerships tends to be a way lousy for upscale luxury class cars.

  • 2015 Genesis G80. May have 3,6 L v6, 5L v8, or 4,6L v8 engines. Runs and feels great. Outstanding turbocharger. Nice interior. This car has proven to be reliable and quite affordable as the price for a used Genesis G80 may go as low as $19000-$25000. 
  • Gen 2 Genesis Coupe. Has 172 hp 3.8 L v6. This is an absolutely gorgeous, beautiful, and sporty stylish coupe one will appreciate owning. Great performance turbo engine, outstanding driving experience, exciting looks! 
  • 2017-2018 Genesis G90. Enormously luxurious Genesis flagship sedan with literally tons of upscale features:
    • 5L v8 or 3.3 L v6 turbo engine
    • AWD available
    • 19’ light alloy wheels
    • 15.7 cubic trunk
    • 12.3’ display high-performance infotainment system
    • very low noise
    • soft-cushion premium suspension which smoothly glides car over the road
    • premium interior materials: wood, leather, stainless steel high quality plastics
    • servos just about everywhere inside and outside
    • smart-car and AI functional modules.

The price for a used Genesis G90 sedan will usually be twice cheaper than for the same class Mercedes or Lexus.

Other than that, you may always check with Consumer Reports' Car Reliability annual subscriber survey to see customer opinion and rating for used Genesis sedans and coupes. Also, take a look at the Kelley Blue Book to find out the fair price for the Genesis vehicle of your choice.

Genesis are lovely, nice-looking, technologically advanced, and luxurious cars. What if you decided to buy one? A new Genesis may feel a bit pricey for you to come about. A used Genesis option might sound more affordable and reasonable, especially because of high price depreciation ratios in the upscale car segment. Immediately after the new Genesis sold off the dealership, its price drops up to 15-20%. So, if you're ready to shop for a used Genesis, make a shortlist of dealerships in your neighborhood. If you live in Philadelphia, PA, rate the Rolls Auto Sales on Frankford Ave. Here’s why:

  • One of the most trusted used Genesis cars dealers in the area
  • Large inventory of Genesis used cars for sale to choose from
  • Best customers reviews and ratings
  • Seasoned used Genesis specialists with 18 years in business
  • Bad credit history or no credit at all - no problem
  • We stand behind your choice with free CarFax, extended warranty and Free 1-year State inspection.

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