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Vin: KNDJN2A27H7878433 Stock#: 15907
Manufacturer: Kia
  • Body type: Wagon
  • Mileage: 78,276
  • Exterior Color: Green
  • Interior Color: Black
  • Engine Type: 1.6L I4
  • Transmission: Automatic 6-Speed
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline
Market Price: $13,478
Saving: $2,931
Rolls Price: $10,547*
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How to buy a used Kia near me?

Kia automobiles are the second branch of Korean automotive expansion in the US after Hyundai. This is the seventh most popular automaker in the world, with around 3 million cars sold annually. Kia plants are scattered all around the globe, including North America with West Point, Ga plant. In 1999 Kia motors became part of the Hyundai Kia Automotive group. Nowadays, Kia and Hyundai cars resemble twin brothers. Vehicle platforms are the same, but design slightly differs as german designer Peter Schreyer has been in charge of all the Kia models since 2006. Usually, a new Hyundai model is released first, and after 6-12 months, a Kia model follows. It seems obvious that Hyundai and Kia always pursued Honda and Toyota trying to compete in quality, price, and reliability. Indeed, they succeeded in many things. Kia/Hyundai vehicles have improved significantly. But still, this is not a Toyota or a Honda. Some of the model years have proven to be more successful and reliable than others. That is why it makes sense to purchase a used Kia vehicle to avoid known issues, pitfalls, and faults. Besides, it’s cheaper that way too.

So, if you made up your mind to get yourself a used Kia car, make a shortlist of used car dealerships near you. Make sure to find a real Kia used car specialist in the neighborhood.

If you live in Philadelphia, Pa, look no further than Rolls Auto Sales on Frankford Ave. Here’s why:

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Is Kia a good used car to buy?

Yes, Kias are dependable, really affordable, reasonably well used cars to buy. Price depreciation rate for 3-years old Kia may go up to 25% of the initial selling price. They’re still not as nice-and-smooth luxury riding as Toyota or Lexus (although Kia has some great tries on luxury models worth checking out). But these cars can really save you lots of money while still taking you from point A to point B without much trouble and with decent comfort. Used Kia vehicles will run great if you service them properly and take good care.

What to look for when buying a used Kia?

  • Kia engines built before 2010 have timing belt design. Ensure the timing belt is replaced because the cost of possible repair may be comparable with the entire vehicle price. 
  • For Kia engines made after 2011, check for oil change records, and make sure the engine was serviced with good oil and on time. Also, look at the bottom of the cylinder block cover for dark color oil burns or mayonnaise-like stains. Sniff it to see if it smells. gasoline. If those signs are discovered, that means the engine wasn’t serviced the proper way.
  • Some of the used Kia engines may have oil leaks or may burn oil.
  • 2011-2014 Kia Optima had severe engine problems, and engine recalls.
  • Check electronics. Wheel speed sensors may go out, causing the anti-lock brake system to fail.

What is the best used Kia to buy?

2016-2018 Kia Forte

  • Has 2L 4-cylinder 147 hp engine.
  • Korean-made 6 speed automatic transmission. It’s dependable though is somewhat sloppy, having a shifting lag.
  • Good gas mileage - 29 city’ and 38 highway’.
  • 4-wheel disk brakes.
  • Hand emergency brake.
  • Has an actual start-stop key.
  • Pretty sharp exterior design.
  • Large trunk.
  • Decent interior design with several options available.
  • Dependable and reasonably well built economy car.

2009-2016 Kia Cadenza

  • Has 3.3L 290 hp v6 engine.
  • Great luxury sedan.
  • Older year releases are a good bargain.
  • Decently reliable.
  • Fuel efficiency is not that great. 

2017-2019 Kia Telluride

  • Has 3.8L 291 hp v6 engine.
  • Great driving experience.
  • Quiet on the road.
  • 8 seats.
  • Luxurious used Kia SUV for less.
  • Enough power to tow a trailer.

2016-2019 Kia K900

  • Twin turbocharged 3.3L 365hp v6.
  • Runs great, this baby is really fun to drive.
  • More affordable, better value compared with other luxury sedans.

2008-2019 Kia Soul

  • 1.6 126-146 hp or 2.0 143-164 hp 4 cylinders engine
  • 5- or 6- speed Korean made transmission.
  • Good gas mileage.
  • Good run for the money.
  • Small SUV for less.
  • Somewhat controversial design. You either love it or leave it alone.
  • Because of the design, you can get a great deal on this one. Design isn’t affecting the quality, dependability, or driving performance of the car.

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How to buy used cars near me?

If you want to get a new vehicle but don’t want to spend a fortune on it - buying a used auto might be the best choice. Once you’ve made a decision to buy a used car, the first and essential step you want to do - is to find a trusted dealer. The easiest thing is to start your search online by simply googling the key phrases “used cars for sale near me” or buy used cars near me”. But be sure to conduct your own research, not just trust the first link on google. Compare the dealers, read the reviews, check the inventory, and create your own opinion on the car dealership. If you live in Philadelphia, PA Rolls Auto Sales is a trusted used car dealer with a wide inventory and strong experience. 

It should also be mentioned that before purchasing you might want to get prepared to know what amount is affordable for you and what exactly you want to get. That’s why we will guide you through the preparation process that might make your used-car purchase experience easy and stress-free.

Set your Budget

Setting a used car budget can be trickier than it might seem at the first sight. When you buy an older automobile you first pay attention to the cheapest options. However, the cheaper the car, the more likely it will need costly repairs. Also besides the actual price for the vehicle, you would also need to consider the interest rate which you’re supposed to pay off for the used auto financing. That’s why to see a more precise amount you may use a car payment calculator! This tool is created to ease the used-car buying process and give you estimates on your used car financing rates. It will help you to see the real price and estimate your budget.

Find Affordable Used Car Financing

Once you’ve set the budget for the purchase you should think about the financing. This question usually comes up at the very last moment, although it should be the first thing to consider before making a purchase. Apply for as many lenders as you can, it will significantly improve your chance to find the best rate. 

The rate depends on your credit history directly. The better your credit score is - the lower your annual percentage rate (APR) will be. On average, with the credit score: 750 or higher your used car financing rates will vary around 5.00-5.01%, with the score 700-749 - the rate will be 6.29%, 600-699 - 11.06%, 451-599 - 16.27%.

Find the Right Car

When it comes to choosing the right car, there is a list of questions you might want to ask yourself before actually start any search:

  • How many people will there be in a car (how much space do I need)?
  • How many miles am I going to drive every day?
  • Is safety a priority?
  • How much space do I need to have in my trunk?
  • What car do I want? What color and model might be suitable for me? (it’s totally fine if you don’t know yet).

Depending on your answers from your list of criteria that are MUST for your future automobile and start your research. 

What are the best used cars to buy?

Nowadays demand for the selection of used vehicles grows significantly. That’s why there is a very wide choice of cheap used cars on the market which make it even more difficult to stop on one of the options. You want to find an affordable automobile that would also be safe and reliable. These are just the most essential criteria, you should also create a list of your personal requirements before looking for a new auto.

These are the best used cars for sale which might be worth your attention:

  1. Toyota Corolla

  2. Lexus IS

  3. Ford Focus SE

  4. Mercedes-Benz CLA CLA 250 4dr Se

  5. Hyundai Sonata SE 4dr Sedan

What are the most reliable used cars?

Reliability is the first thing you pay attention to while choosing a used automobile. Especially when you are a parent and choose your teenager for his very first car, or you have a family and want to make sure that they will be safe in your car. That’s why you should check it really carefully.

According to Customer Survey 2020, the most reliable cars are:

  1. Toyota Corolla

    It has got to our list of the best cars, not by chance. Corolla is one of the best selling cars in the world and reached its reliability peak in the 2000s

  2. Honda Accord

    The Honda Accord was a reliability champion between 2011 and 2017. It was beating the records every year, for several years in a roll!

  3. Lexus ES

    There has never been a year when Lexus ES failed the reliability rating since 2008.

  4. Honda Fit 

    Besides winning the 2021 best reliability score, it also won both our 2012 Best Subcompact Cars for Families and Best Hatchback for Families awards.


Inspect the car

A pre-purchase inspection of the car is a MUST. When you look at the car online it might seem to be in perfect condition but there might always be some pitfalls which the seller simply doesn’t show. That’s why before making a purchase you should hire a professional to inspect the vehicle. Believe us, this extra payment now can save you much more in the future.

The price may vary from 100$ to 200$. Usually, it’s very easy to find a mechanic in your area by searching online.

Test drive the car

Even if the vehicle looks awesome and you are so excited about it that you are ready to take it right here and right now, our advice will be to take a deep breath and not rush around! You don’t know if the car is good for exactly you without trying it! Each car has its specific features - a seat, width, the location of the buttons, etc. You should get in a car and check everything before you even start thinking about purchasing. 

What is good mileage for used cars?

Looking at the used car lot it might seem obvious that the fewer miles are on the run the better deal is. However, it’s not always true. High-mileage cars and low-mileage cars are not necessarily polar opposites.

The general amount of miles should be about 12000 per year. That’s what you may take as a guideline while choosing a used car. That means that if your vehicle is, for example, 5 years old, the average mileage on the odometer would be 60000. Everything that is significantly different, either more or less, can show us that there is some trouble in this vehicle.

To sum up, you should understand that even though to find the sweet deal you should check everything wisely before: compare the dealers on the market, read about the vehicles, choose the best to satisfy your specific needs. Check the most reliable and affordable automobiles on the market and don’t forget to check the mileage and compare used car prices before purchasing any vehicle. We hope that you find the best vehicle for yourself.