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2015 Acura RDX w/Tech 4dr SUV w/Technology Package
Manufacturer: Acura
  • Body Type: SUV
  • Mileage: 94624
  • Exterior Color: White
  • Interior Color: Beige
  • Engine Type: 3.5L V6
  • Trans: Automatic 6-Speed
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline
Market Price: $21,547
Saving: $3,562
Rolls Price: $17,985
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Manufacturer: Acura
  • Body Type: Sedan
  • Mileage: 29812
  • Exterior Color: White
  • Interior Color: Red
  • Engine Type: 2.4L I4
  • Trans: Automatic 8-Speed
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline
Market Price: $34,785
Saving: $4,910
Rolls Price: $29,875
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2018 Acura TLX V6 4dr Sedan
Manufacturer: Acura
  • Body Type: Sedan
  • Mileage: 75604
  • Exterior Color: Silver
  • Interior Color: Black
  • Engine Type: 3.5L V6
  • Trans: Automatic 9-Speed
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline
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Though it seems that the most Acura’s victory march legacy remained back in the mid 80-s when the Acura brand vigorously erupted to the American market, boldly biting off large chunks of the pie from European automakers, nowadays Acura is still one of the strongest and most beloved luxury car brands in the US. A Honda premium-class automobile manufacturing spin-off, Acura vehicles ensure their glory days thanks to superior engineering solutions, impeccable quality, and outstanding design.

Ever have taken an Acura for a ride? Regardless of the year and model, it’s always an excitement. Notorious Honda motorcycle and outboard motor manufacturers know how to engage you into a breath-taking driving delight. At the same time, you’re immersed in an Acura atmosphere of impeccable design, comfort, luxury materials, and cutting-edge digital functionality.

So, what if you’re really into finally getting an Acura vehicle for yourself? A new adorable Acura may turn out to be too pricey for your pocket. Needless to say, depending on the model, it may go up to $80000 and more, depending on the engine, gear, and interior modifications. Now and then, another hurtful thing may occur when your income is enough to get a loan for a new Acura vehicle, but your “not so good” credit history turns your best aspirations down. 

In situations like that, betcha turn your eyes towards Acura used cars. Here’s why:

  • Price depreciation. Immediately after a new Acura vehicle is sold, it becomes a used Acura, and it loses as much as 15-20% in reselling price. Nevertheless, it’s an “almost new” Acura with 99% of a new vehicle value retained.
  • If an Acura vehicle is well kept over years of use, given the Honda's well-known quality and reliability, this 10- or 12-year old Acura might be a great buy of low-price and significant value gain.
  • Certain Acura vehicle models and release years are better and more reliable than the other. It's good to know and use that information to avoid pitfalls and money-drain solutions that may seriously exhaust your wallet.

Keeping that in mind, take a look at the Consumer Reports' Car Reliability annual subscriber survey to see customer opinion and rating for used Acura cars. Also, check with the Kelley Blue Book to find out the fair price for a used Acura vehicle of your choice.

Make a shortlist of used Acura dealerships in your area. If you are in Philadelphia, PA, be sure to rate the Rolls Auto Sales on Frankford Ave.

  • Large inventory of used Acura cars for sale to choose from
  • One of the most trusted used Acura dealerships in the area
  • Best customers reviews and ratings
  • Seasoned used Acura cars specialists with 18 years in business
  • We have Acura used car financing. Bad credit history or no credit at all - no problem
  • We stand behind your choice with free CarFax, extended warranty and Free 1-year State inspection.

Yes, used Acura vehicles are one of the best choices in the used car world today. These cars and SUVs are very reliable, pleasure to drive, and have great looks. 

Are there any particular issues that may more likely to occur with used Acura cars? Keeping in mind that Acuras are sort of fancy Hondas, Acura vehicles are a kind of inherited Honda’s strong points and weaknesses. 

  • Excellent and reliable engines, but automatic transmissions are a little bit on the weak side.
  • Newer models have a so-called battery drain problem.  After the car engine cut off, electronic and electric systems continue to consume electricity even in off mode
  • Sloppy fuse circuit. One fuse operates about 12 different electric and electronic devices, including an infotainment system. That issue is often related to the battery drain problem.
  • Very rare or no supply, zero availability for certain spare parts, components, and assemblies. For example, the 3,7 L 300 hp Acura engine has proven to be very reliable. This is, in fact, a modified 3,5 Honda engine. Since these engines are reliable, they were not manufactured much in excess of the number of Acura vehicles built. That way, if your 2010 Acura SH engine goes out for some reason, there is no engine available to replace it.
  • Acura vehicles are virtually stuffed with electronic, digital, and electric systems. Not all of them have proven 100% reliable. Make sure to check all of them before you buy a used Acura car.
  • Tailgate computer issue. This one has a higher degree of probability to occur than the rest of the possible electronics failures.
  • Propeller shaft issue. Sometimes not easy to discover, therefore, check with your mechanic on that one.
  • Some Acura TLs tend to have a squealing noise when you start it in cold weather.
  • Body parts like the front bumper are really hard to take off for service or repair.
  • Oil consumption may go out of hand on 3.5 v6 and 3.7 v6 engines. The manufacturer is aware of the issue and runs a special recall program for repair and oil cost compensation.
  • Particularly loud intake sound on some Acura models.

  • 2013-2018 Acura RDX 
    •  3.5 L 273 hp v6 engine
    • intelligent AWD
    • automatic transmission
    • smart servo-operated sunroof
    • xenon headlights
    • Acura hands-free Bluetooth system
    • push-button ignition
    • servo everything inside
    • leather seat and side panel options are standard
    • outstanding design

It is highly rated for owner satisfaction, owner loyalty, reliability, and high resale value.

  • 2009-2010 Acura TL
    • 3.5 L 273 hp v6 or 3.7 280 hp L v6 engine
    • automatic transmission
    • has almost the same great exterior and interior features Acura used for the next generation cars (like RDX SUV above), including the same infotainment system UI
    • incredibly smooth ride, especially good on freeways, very low noise 
    • Leather seats and side panels
    • Plenty of space in the rear
    • Large trunk
    • Sleeky design though some people are unhappy with the bird pecker-like grill.

Best buy under $10000, especially if you find a well-kept car with relatively low mileage.

  • 2006-2008 Acura TSX
    • first generation Acura, built in Japan
    • 2.4 DOHC 205 hp engine
    • 6-speed manual transmission or an automatic transmission is available on these cars. The driving experience feels really greater with the old school manual transmission
    • Bluetooth
    • 2 position driver seat memory
    • multi-information display 
    • AUX jack in console
    • proven to be reliable. This car is still going strong even with some mileage on it

Cheap! These really beautiful sleek, design Acura vehicles are often available for under $7000.  

Older Acura models tend to be easier to maintain. The reason is a lot of electronics and digital devices onboard later Acura models. 10-15 years ago, the only serious Acura issue deemed a financial risk to an owner was a transmission failure. Now it seems that electronics outages have been added to the list. Other than that, Acura vehicles don’t really have serious issues, only minor ones.

Most of the Acura spare parts are generally easy to get. They’re not very expensive. Acura services and certified technicians are pretty much thoroughly presented throughout North America.

Some of the parts and assemblies for certain Acura models are either very expensive, hard to get, or not available at all. This is especially true for some engine models.

To sum up, used Acura cars have a low-to-medium cost of maintenance which is really affordable for caring and neat owners.

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