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2019 Lincoln MKC Select AWD 4dr SUV
Manufacturer: Lincoln
  • Body Type: SUV
  • Mileage: 59248
  • Exterior Color: Brown
  • Interior Color: Beige
  • Engine Type: 2.0L I4
  • Trans: Automatic 6-Speed
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline
Market Price: $26,589
Saving: $5,089
Rolls Price: $21,500
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2019 Lincoln Nautilus Reserve AWD 4dr SUV
Manufacturer: Lincoln
  • Body Type: SUV
  • Mileage: 83375
  • Exterior Color: Blue
  • Interior Color: Brown
  • Engine Type: 2.0L I4
  • Trans: Automatic 8-Speed
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline
Market Price: $26,589
Saving: $3,689
Rolls Price: $22,900
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2005 Lincoln Town Car Signature 4dr Sedan
Manufacturer: Lincoln
  • Body Type: Sedan
  • Mileage: 122517
  • Exterior Color: Brown
  • Interior Color: Gray
  • Engine Type: 4.6L V8
  • Trans: Automatic 4-Speed
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline
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Market Price: $7,985
Saving: $2,990
Rolls Price: $4,995
Trying to Finance? We qualify any and everyone! Build your credit, get the car you always wanted, trade in your vehicle. We do it all & we make it easy. For more info Give us a... [more]
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Lincoln Motor Company knows how to make a truly luxurious car that impresses its owner first, and the bystander second — not the other way around. One of its newer slogans is ‘Smarter than luxury’, and Lincoln is eager to prove that they are undeniably smarter, its Navigator SUVs are some of the world’s first luxury SUVs. Lincoln is also famous as a well-established maker of presidential vehicles.

This rich history leaves one to wonder: how acceptable would be Lincoln used cars? There is no denying that when you see a used Lincoln for sale, the temptation IS there: it’s called luxurious for a reason. That used SUV Lincoln had boasted about at the beginning of the 2000’s — will it be good enough even today, or will it just add to your maintenance bills?

A brand new car bought at the official Lincoln dealership would cost you anywhere between $36K and $76K, with sedans obviously being more affordable. If you are content enough to settle on a used Lincoln car, though, you might want to check the prices at Kelley Blue Book. Rolls Auto Sales can help you out with choosing and buying in Philadelphia, PA. If you live somewhere in the area, and ask your search engine about ‘used Lincoln near me’, that might be just the place to go looking for.

Let’s have a brief overview of all pros and cons that might interest you on a hunt for a luxury vehicle.

Undeniably, yes. It obviously depends on its service history, but most owners are cautious enough when it comes to a luxurious brand vehicle such as Lincoln. That being said, each particular used Lincoln car has its own quirks and gimmicks, with newer models seemingly being affected by these most.

  • Lincoln Navigator is often prone to the malfunctions of its air suspension system.
  • Lincoln Nautilus has much to improve concerning its electrical and software systems. 
  • While Lincoln MKZ is justifiably regarded as low-maintenance, many users have reported its tendency for delayed shifting on an automatic transmission.
  • Lincoln MKS sedans were shown to suffer from various fuel delivery system faults and leaks.

Some smaller things can always make or break the bigger picture:

  • dealer reputation;
  • maintenance record and repair history; 
  • any resales happening prior to your final purchase;
  • availability of a Lincoln service center near you;
  • your credit history;
  • your chosen vehicle handling.

These points are self-explanatory: you don’t want to buy a car that’d spent more time in an auto shop than on the road; you don’t want to buy a car with a fishy history behind it; you don’t want to buy a car that you won’t like driving or won’t be able to maintain. Notoriously bad credit history can also make it harder to buy a car.

There are five or six relatively modern and popular models that might be of interest to you if you are seeking a good car for day-to-day use. These are the most popular Lincoln SUVs that you can find:

  • Lincoln Navigator is the first and the most widespread model of luxury Lincoln SUVs. The newest generation of these cars released in 2018 offers the highest-output engine seen so far in Lincoln vehicles with its Ford EcoBoost 3.5 L V6. Older models come with still respectable 5.4 L V8.  

  • Lincoln Aviator SUVs can be either relatively new or rather old, with no middle ground, as the first generation was popular in 2002–2003, while the second was released in 2019. Older models are bound to have a very colorful past, and have to be examined thoroughly before any transaction.
  • Lincoln MKC is a reliable (but discontinued) crossover popular in the mid-2010’s. Its gasoline engine can be either 2.0 or 2.3 L. The transmission is fully automatic. Its spiritual successor is Lincoln Corsair, which was Lincoln’s best-seller of 2020.

If you want something lightweight and affordable instead, consider looking for some of these models:

  • For 30 years, Lincoln Town Car was your go-to vehicle if you wanted a Lincoln sedan. The first generations were using the venerable Ford 5.0 Windsor V8 engine, while the newer have embraced Ford Modular SOHC V8, increasing their overall horsepower rating by 25%. As with all older cars, double-check its repair history before buying.

  • Lincoln LS was notable for sharing its platform with Jaguar S-type. It also comes with manual transmission. 

All in all, Lincoln offers classy and comfortable cars that radiate a no-nonsense attitude — without too much of glitz. If that’s your thing, be sure to commit to it fully and start looking for that coveted used Lincoln today.

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