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2013 Subaru Impreza 2.0i Limited AWD 4dr Sedan
Manufacturer: Subaru
  • Body Type: Sedan
  • Mileage: 74104
  • Exterior Color: Silver
  • Interior Color: Black
  • Engine Type: 2.0L H4
  • Trans: CVT
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline
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Subaru vehicles are widely known for their versatility and accessibility. This company aims to please, offering a broad range of SUVs, mid-size and sports cars for just about anyone. The numbers can speak for themselves: as of 2021, Subaru offers a fine choice of 8 very different models, with a good two dozen being discontinued (albeit still used extensively) in the last ten years. Also, almost every Subaru car features AWD, while their rivals either opt out of it completely or ask for very costly modifications as a requirement for its installation.

This abundance is not without a downside, however. Many great cars were discontinued not too long ago (some of them as late as 2018), and you can only buy them second-hand now. So you might ask yourself, “Where can I find a used Subaru for sale near me?” And if you live in Philadelphia, PA, Rolls Auto Sales will be happy to help you. Good or bad credit history, finding a used Subaru car in mint condition has never been easier!

Let’s have a rundown on how to choose your new car, what to look out for in your used Subaru, and what you should be wary of when trying to buy a used Subaru.

As stated on the official Subaru site, these cars are built to last, as 97% of vehicles sold in the last 10 years are still, in their own words, ‘on the road’. While some healthy boast won’t hurt anyone, it’s important to have a realistic outlook when buying a used car. These are the most common problems Subaru cars are prone to:

  • Excessive oil consumption, which sometimes forces a whole short block replacement.
  • Head gasket failure courtesy of Subaru’s distinct boxer engine. 

While Subaru was rather generous and speedy providing customer support and an abundance of replacement parts, you still might want to look out for these problems when you find some good used Subaru for sale, especially if the car in question was made either in 2007–2009 or in 2012–2016. Subaru is also somewhat notorious for its exceptionally costly repairs.

Barring some usual common sense decisions, we want to outline some points that are especially important when appraising your newfound Subaru vehicle:

  • Dealer reputation;
  • Maintenance record;
  • Your attitude towards AWD;
  • Your available budget both for the purchase AND for maintenance.

Used Subaru cars tend to be costly not only because of their overall quality, but also because of the expensive previous maintenance. For example, a brand new Subaru Forester will cost you just a short of $25K. Speaking realistically, the same car, but used, you’ll find with a price tag of $21–22K. 

Depending on the type of car you’re seeking, you’ll probably choose one of these frontrunners:

  • If you are looking for used Subaru SUVs, you’ll probably find a Subaru Forester to be in quite a selection. Be wary, though, as this model has a good 25 years of history behind it, with its ups and downs -- with its second generation being especially problematic. However, its fourth generation was awarded the Best Car To Buy 2014 award by The Car Connection.
  • The most popular midsize Subaru car is Subaru Legacy (Subaru Levorg, for newer models). As it has been manufactured since 1989, you must pay special attention to its repair history. Subaru Legacy is very vulnerable to overheating problems and radiator failures.
  • If you want to have some good sports fun or want to tinker with your car for a while, look out for Subaru Impreza and its WRX STI modifications. While definitely costly (and some of them not available at all at the official retailers), they’ll offer you a lifetime of engineering joy and a gateway into the flashy world of motorsports.

All in all, it seems like your search for ‘used Subaru near me’ comes to its fruitful end. Be sure to visit Rolls Auto Sales if you are nearby!

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