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How to buy a used Maserati near me?

Maserati brothers founded the famous auto manufacturing company back in 1926 outside Bologna, Italy. Brothers were car racers and mechanics, so the primary goal for newly founded Maserati S.p.A. was to design and build race bolids with superior performance features other auto manufacturers could not provide. The company logo was designed by one of the brothers - Mario. It depicts the Bologna symbol - the Trident of Poseidon from the well-known Piazza Maggiore fountain.

Years went by, and by 1957 Maserati transferred major efforts from race bolids to roadsters entering the US market as a notorious upscale sports car manufacturer. Later on, in the 80's and 90’s, Maserati was well known for famous GT sports cars. The company’s control changed hands many times going from Citroen to private investors and then to FIAT. Nowadays, Maserati wants to concentrate on manufacturing hybrids and electric cars, having in its portfolio in the 2010s several beautiful and remarkable models with traditional internal combustion engines: upscale roadster coupes, full-size sports cars, and crossovers.

As you probably know, Maserati cars are sort of rich boys' toys. These vehicles are beautiful, elegant, expensive, and capricious. They require lots of care, love, and devotion.

Maserati cars are really expensive when you buy them new. Therefore, a used Maserati purchase seems to be the viable option for so many Maserati lovers. So, If you live in Philadelphia, PA, look no further. Just pick up the phone and call or go to our website, contact our manager and come over to Rolls Auto Sales, take a look at great used Maserati vehicles we have in stock.

  • Large inventory of used Maserati cars and SUVs to choose from
  • One of the most trusted used Maserati dealer in the area
  • Best customers reviews and ratings
  • Seasoned used Maserati cars specialists with 18 years of experience
  • We have Maserati used car financing
  •  Bad credit history or no credit at all - no problem
  • We stand behind your choice with free CarFax, extended warranty, and Free 1-year State inspection.

Why are used Maseratis so cheap?

Maserati cars are really fragile after the warranty is over. They usually have all kinds of issues that are very expensive to fix. In fact, the cost of repair for your used Maserati may go well over the purchase price. But these cars are really elegant and beautiful. And if you really love Maserati cars, with deep pockets and enough devotion, you will finally appreciate all the sacrifices you’ve made with outstanding ownership joy and remarkable awesome road experience.

Are used Maseratis reliable?

No, they’re not reliable at all. The most common issues may include:

  • Transmission programming failure
  • Transmission mechanical failure
  • Engine mount replacement
  • Engine sensors failure
  • Bushings and struts
  • Electronics and servos go out
  • Poor inside trim assembly quality
  • and so on and on.

Besides, spare parts are really expensive and not always readily available especially for older models.

What to look for when buying a used Maserati?

2012 Maserati Quattroporte GTS Sport

  • 4.7 L 430 hp v8
  • 6-speed automatic transmission (earlier years models have a switch between automatic and manual transmission modes)
  • 4-wheels disk ABS brakes with GT red calipers
  • 20-inch alloy wheels
  • Great elegant beauty of Pininfarina exterior and Alcantara interior design
  • All leather interior
  • Sunroof
  • Servo everything
  • Infotainment center
  • Built-in navigation system
  • Back-up camera
  • Plenty of room. 

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